63 thoughts on ““We’re All Superstars” campaign hits the workplace”

  1. The fiend will win against Seth Rollins by count out in their Falls count anywhere match . And this is not a prediction . It's a spoiler

  2. It's fine at work but not at home people!! Lol I'm glad they aren't caring so much about the few idiots that ruin wrestling or accidents that sometimes happen because kids will be kids and parents should watch them and parent them, not WWE.

  3. The lady climbing over the rail off of the 2nd floor was hilarious! 😂 I would have loved to see how she came down on him.

  4. Yes lets encourage snapping someone's pen in half instead of just asking them to stop clicking it. Such a stupid and annoying commercial

  5. There's a different variation of this commercial and I'm trying to find it cause the song at the end of it sounds hype af but I can't find it

  6. Her execution from jumping from the second floor was so perfect. U could tell she was fully invested!! I died!!🤣🤣🤣

  7. As a person who suffers from misophonia, I love this commercial. She does what sufferers would love to be able to do when our fight or flight reaction is triggered from clicking, gum popping, etc. sounds. I need to share this with family and colleagues to explain what my brain wants me to do to stop the irritating noise.

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