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October 22, 2019 We’re kicking off with some Seth
Rollins news today, as the WWE
Universal Champion took on The Fiend in a post-
RAW steel cage match. With the title on the line, Rollins
tried everything he could inside
the cage, which was bathed in a red light just like
their controversial Hell in a
Cell match earlier this month. The finish to the match came
when Rollins tried to escape
through the door only to be blocked by Wyatt,
but the champ bounced
back with a series of superkicks and stomps to
his demonic opponent. Perhaps realizing he couldn’t
pin the Fiend, Rollins again
tried to escape, this time over the cage, but was brought
back to the mat by his opponent,
who’s attempted Sister Abigail was countered into
another kick and stomp combo. With the Fiend down, Rollins
quickly escaped through the
door to keep his title but was shaken by the Fiend,
who quickly rose to his feet
post-match. As the lights went out again,
Rollins never saw Wyatt
coming, who dropped him at ringside with a Mandible claw,
before posing on the ramp to
close the night. Wyatt may not have won the
Universal title on this occasion,
but may do just that at Crown Jewel in the duo’s
Falls Count Anywhere match,
which WWE is saying can’t be stopped for
any reason other than a pin. The dark-match of RAW was
certainly one to remember,
but so was the televised show itself, as after a near-two month
absence, Drew McIntyre is back
on the red brand. The Scottish Psychopath was
introduced by Ric Flair, who
announced McIntyre for the final member of
his team for Crown Jewel, joining
Randy Orton King Corbin, Shinsuke
Nakamura and Bobby Lashley This fearsome quintet will battle
Team Hogan’s Roman Reigns,
Rusev, Risochet, Ali and Shorty G at the
Saudi event on October 31st. Even before McIntyre returned
to RAW, The Nature Boy was
given an open mic to warm up the crowd, and gave the Scottish
Superstar an epic introduction
to the fans in Cleveland, Ohio. McIntyre didn’t have to wait long
to prove himself upon returning,
as a match with Ricochet was booked first
for the show, and fans with a
good memory may recall that these two faced off
in a King of the Ring first-
round contest. Soundly defeating Ricochet and
brutally attacking him post-match,
McIntyre also trashed Ricochet’s catchphrase
that Superheroes can be real,
and said in RAW Exclusive: “Here’s a little message to
Ricochet if my physical
actions weren’t enough: superheroes aren’t real, mate,
but I sure as hell am.” To their credit, McIntyre and
Ricochet had a fantastic match
on the show and though it’s only Tuesday,
it’ll be difficult for any other
matches this week to top it. Returning from minor surgery
he had in August, could this
finally be the start of a singles push for Drew, that leads him
to the top of the card, and the
Universal Championship? While McIntyre may have had a
great showing in his RAW
return, one star who fell flat was Cain Velasquez,
who appeared just 10 days
before his WWE Championship match
against Brock Lesnar at
Crown Jewel. During the show, Velasquez
made the save for his friend
Rey Mysterio, who had been trash-talked via Satellite by
Paul Heyman, and ambushed
by Shelton Benjamin. Unfortunately for the former
UFC Champion, Velasquez
failed to impress in his appearance, as he rag-
dolled Benjamin, threw some
horrible punches and got the Gold standard to tap out,
to very little reaction from
the crowd. Not only did the brawl do little to
get fans excited, it certainly
made Velasquez look exactly like the awkward pro-wrestling
rookie that WWE doesn’t want
fans to know. Now, less than 10 days before
the Velasquez-Lesnar match
at Crown Jewel, what can WWE do to excite
fans for this match, but given
that it’s happening in the very pro-WWE Saudi Arabia,
maybe there’s nothing they
actually need to do. This week’s RAW also saw the
continuation of the Love
triangle storyline as Rusev has had enough of
Lana and Bobby Lashley. During an edition of the Kings
Court, Jerry Lawler tried to get
some answers from Rusev, who claimed that he still
believed he and Lana could
have a happy ending. This sentiment was quickly
interrupted though, by
Lana and Lashley who professed their love for
eachother at a restaurant,
which caused the Bulgarian to sprint into
the night to find them Cornering them at the restaurant,
Rusev began to choke Lashley,
but his much-deserved vengeance was short-lived,
thanks to the Ohio PD
dragging him away. Fans have been quick to hate
on this storyline, which does
have shades of the Attitude Era, so we’ll just
have to wait and see what
happens next. Well if you’re in New York City
on November 3rd, then the
place to be will be Ringside Fest though one Superstar who will
no longer be appearing is Jeff
Hardy. The Charismatic Enigma has
been recently dealing with legal
troubles after another DWI, and was pulled from the convention
this week, with Alexa Bliss and
Nikki Cross being his replacement. Now, fans can see the former
Women’s Tag Team Champions
alongside Sasha Banks from 9am-12pm, and Universal
Champion Seth Rollins and
Ricochet from 1-4. It’s a shame that Hardy’s issues
with the law have caused fans
to miss out on meeting him, and given that this
isn’t the first time he’s had legal
-troubles, fans are speculating whether
this is the end of his WWE return. We’re looking ahead to
November next, as Cain
Velasquez and Rey Mysterio will compete at the WWE Mexico
Supershow, against Andrade
and Drew McIntyre. The news was confirmed by
WWE’s Latin American
Twitter, and this bout is the latest match added
to the huge show. Also at the show, Seth Rollins
will face the Fiend in a Steel
Cage Universal title match Roman Reigns will face King
Corbin, and Becky Lynch
and Charlotte will face Sasha Banks and Bayley in a
meeting of WWE’s four
horsewomen. There are plenty more huge
matches announced, so if
you’re in Mexico City on November 30th, WWE is
the place to be. One legend fans won’t be seeing
in WWE for a while is Eric
Bischoff, who recently spoke on his 83 weeks Podcast
about losing his role as SmackDown Executive
Director to Bruce Prichard. On the show, Bischoff said he
was grateful for the
opportunity by WWE even if things didn’t work
out how he wanted. The WCW legend also said that
whilst things didn’t go as Vince
McMahon had planned, he didn’t take it
personally, but instead
professionally, though was still still taking it hard. Speaking on SmackDown’s
Creative team, Bischoff
said they were a talented and hard-working
group, saying: “I didn’t come here thinking I
was going to be in WWE for
5-10 years I looked at it as a relatively
short term opportunity,
meaning 2-3 years I didn’t think it would be quite
this short term, sometimes
this happens.” Bischoff also praised the
company’s very defined culture
and process and was quick to dismiss any rumors that he’s
upset with Prichard, calling
his replacement a great friend. Speaking about the job itself,
Bischoff admitted: “When I took the job, I knew
what the odds were about it
being a long term opportunity I’m not surprised I’m disappointed,
I’m not gonna lie… I would have liked to have met
Vince McMahon’s expectations” Despite the job not going as he
wanted, Bischoff said he would
do it all over again as it seems there’s no beef
between WWE and their now-
former employee. Back to RAW now and after
being split by his buddy
Carmella during the WWE draft it wasn’t long until R-Truth
lost the 24/7 title too. Sneaking around backstage at
the show, Truth was spotted by
Samir Singh of the Bollywood Boyz, and
despite Truth’s frankly-bizarre
argument that since it was the 25th day of his
latest reign, which Truth
believed meant he got to keep the gold,
Samir wasn’t buying it With Samir keeping the rapping
Superstar distracted, it was his
brother Sunil who got the roll-up, and whilst
we don’t know how long Sunil’s
reign will be this was a definitely an
unexpected moment. Now, AEW may have only been
around since January, but the company’s growth in
popularity can’t be denied. The new promotion has been
so big, that it’s understandable
why WWE wouldn’t want them to be seen
on RAW, and during this
week’s show, the crowd crowd near the staging area were
reportedly told that anyone found
wearing AEW merchandise on camera would
be ejected from the arena. This isn’t the first time this has
happened, as a fan was made
to remove his AEW shirt during the Royal
Rumble, and AEW themselves
told fans they couldn’t come in wearing
WWE merchandise during
their first rally. It’s clear that WWE is going All
OUT (pardon the pun), to
keep AEW off their TV and even though it makes
sense from a business
standpoint the idea of WWE ejecting its
own crowd isn’t a good look. We all know that Pro Wrestling
is a risky job, and this week
during a WWE tour of Australia,
Xavier Woods learned
that the hard way. During a New Day match against
the Revival in Sydney, Woods
went down bad, causing the referee to throw up the
dreaded X symbol that meant
he was unable to compete. After being taken to the back,
this left Big E all alone against
the SmackDown Tag Team
Champions, and despite
his best efforts, the Power of Positivity wasn’t
enough this time around. On Twitter, Woods sent out an
image of “common causes” for
an Achilles tendon injury with a caption that said “Sorry”,
and the injury has now been
confirmed by WWE. In a statement on the website,
WWE noted: “Xavier Woods suffered an
Achilles injury, WWE.com
has learned. Woods sustained the injury at a WWE Live Event
in Sydney, Australia, on
Sunday night and will be unable to finish
WWE’s Australian tour.” It seems that the New Day is
back to being a duo for the
time being and we’re hoping that this
injury isn’t a full tear of
Woods’ Achilles as that could put him on the
shelf for a long six months. One man who knows all about
being injured at live events is
Seth Rollins, who was forced to vacate the
WWE World Championship in
2015 because of it but is now riding high as the
Universal Champion This year, the Beast Slayer has
been full of smack talk for his
critics, even calling WWE professional
wrestling instead of Sports
Entertainment, and this continued during a
Fandemic Tour in Houston
recently. Appearing alongside his fiancé
and RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch Rollins was asked a fantasy
booking question by a fan,
who wanted to know where the best location would
be for Rollins Vs. Kenny Omega. After laying back from his role
as WWE’s company spokes
person for a few weeks Rollins laid into AEW with his
response, saying: “When Kenny’s done playing in
the minor leagues over there,
Kenny can come work at the absolute top professional
wrestling company in the world,
in front of the most people, and make the
most money, and have the
biggest matches which is with me at
WrestleMania.” Strong words by the Universal
Champion who seems to be a
natural heel at heart, and to be fair, it’s hard to dispute
the fact that the WWE is the top
wrestling promotion in the world, though after falling
viewing figures, fan criticism
and the rise of AEW, some fans are questioning just
how much longer WWE will
keep that top spot. Back to RAW now and its rare
for a Superstar to get their debut
match in the main event, and doubly rare for a tag team
to get this spot, but the Street
Profits did just that this week. Appearing in the last match on
RAW, Angelo Dawkins and
Montez Ford Ford got to choose a mystery
partner to battle the OC, with
the third man being nowhere to be seen when the match
got underway. As Styles looked on, the match
was strange to say the least,
as WWE had previously promoted the
match as a six-man-tag, with
the assumption being that the Profits third man
would join them at the start. After Styles was eventually
booted from ringside by the
referee, this is when Kevin Owens struck, leveling the US
Champion and revealing
himself as the third man. With Gallows and Anderson
distracted in the ring, this
gave Angelo and Dawkins a window of opportunity, and
after a Spinebuster-Frog
Splash combo on Karl Anderson, the Street
Profits were victorious in their
huge debut match. Hopefully Owens won’t turn on
the young duo, like he’s
turned on so many so-called friends before, as it
looks like Owens Vs. Styles
and Street Profits Vs. The OC will be two big feuds to watch,
and could be addressed on
the WWE Special on Fox, which airs this Sunday at
5PM eastern. The Street Profits certainly had
a good time this week on RAW,
and so did Aleister Black who defeated local competitor
Jason Reynolds in a decisive
contest. In addition, Andrade defeated
Sin Cara in the masked man’s
first RAW match in months the new RAW Tag Champions
the Viking Raiders toppled Curt
Hawkins and Zack Ryder and 205 Live’s Humberto Carillo
had a great showing in his RAW
debut against Seth Rollins, and whilst Carillo didn’t come out
on top, he did earn some major respect from the Universal
Champion. And finally today, we’re looking
at Randy Orton, and despite
an incredible WWE career including multiple WrestleMania
main events, it seems the Viper
is ready to jump ship to AEW. That’s at least, what Orton
wants fans to believe it
seems, as he took to Instagram yesterday to make
fans believe just that. On the site, the former WWE
Champion posted a photo of
him next to an “Elite Level” sign with a caption that reads “tick
tock tick tock”, and if that
wasn’t enough tagged several WWE Super
stars who have had issues
with the company, including the Revival, Luke
Harper, Riddick Moss and Elias.” Orton even tagged AEW VP Cody
Rhodes and World Champion
Chris Jericho in the post leading to the Fozzy star saying
that he’d see what he could do,
complete with a wink emoji. This isn’t the only time Orton
has looked at other companies
this week, as the Viper also recently backed Ken
Shamrock for the WWE’s
Hall of Fame in 2020. Considered one of the most
intriguing crossover stars from
MMA, Shamrock was with the WWE from 1997-1999, taking
to the industry like a duck to water. Sadly never holding the WWF
title, Shamrock is recognized
as the first NWA:TNA Champion, and returned to Impact recently,
coming up short against Moose at last week’s Bound for Glory
co-main event. Randy is unquestionably a
future WWE Hall of Famer
himself, and it’s intriguing to see which
of these stars go in first. While WWE haven’t got any
beef with Shamrock, the
former King of the Ring winner has never been invited
back since his 1999 departure,
and whilst there are plenty of stars that also have the
potential to go in, Orton’s wish to
see the World’s Most Dangerous Man in the
WWE Hall of Fame should
certainly be granted.


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