What John Cena taught Roman Reigns about staying on top in WWE: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 13, 2019

What John Cena taught Roman Reigns about staying on top in WWE: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 13, 2019

100 thoughts on “What John Cena taught Roman Reigns about staying on top in WWE: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 13, 2019”

  1. Roman Reigns has always been face of WWE 🚫no one ☝ can replace him 🏆! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐BELIEVE THAT 👊👊👊👊👊!

  2. I criticized his booking, but I still thing he was top guy material. Way more likable than whatever Seth Rollins is doing right now.

  3. I love you Roman reigns, u are my inspiration my lifeline my heart beat you the only reason for I'm still alive in the world because I want to become next Roman reigns.

  4. I personally don't care about Reigns. Just as long as Reigns is away from the world title, then I am fine with him.

  5. Been thinking about this, but the After the Bell podcast, does WWE have more control on what goes on during the podcasts, like does Corey & the guests have to be careful with their words or can Corey & guests be more open, like can they say anything without worrying what will happen next?

  6. WWE should allow Roman Reigns to use new moves.
    Let him use his Superman Punch, Powerbomb, Drive By, Samoan Drop and Spear and couole of variations of clotheslines. But I want to him to use a submission move.
    The Arm trap Half Boston Crab or the Rings of Saturn/Beast Bite.

  7. They want something to do.
    Every live event I know I get to yell out my smoke lungs. That's how I use WWE, for my smoking.

  8. I hate these worked podcasts cuz no matter what they'll always be in kayfabe so they won't piss anybody off at the company. You'll never really get the inside scoop on how they feel about things until they're fired.

  9. He said he was giving his wrestling career another 5yrs then he was looking into acting. John cena spent 15 years running wwe, never complained, never said no to any booking decision, made whatever mr McMahon threw at him work in his favor until wwe found their next star then cena slowly started drifting away

  10. I hated those Australians trying to act USA in Japan , they literally killed themselves on Gigan lieing about That they read . Walked into the blade. everyone of these Moves is like that blade to me. We were so Much hungrier

  11. That's what your carrying for God, BOOIOOZ(it takes me awhile to find a moment there so I type it) we Are Representing eating everyday. That how our past 25 years is new.
    I could do one meal every two days .. one show a week.

  12. Every cena fan is jealous of Roman reigns
    Because he is better than cena
    Roman fans like 👍let's show them who is the best
    And cena fans comment 💬

  13. John Cena is one of Roman Reign's roster he fights as the battle for the face of the franchise. Since Reign's powerhouse achievement impact earn him a candidate star of WWE despite problem back in the day. Defeat Cena will earn him as the new face of WWE to be part of Reign's legacy as achievement rival.

  14. Roman can wrestle his promos can improve. But they gotten better. But without a doubt one of the top in ring performers . Barley see bad Roman matches

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