Why Chris Jericho Left WWE! Brock Lesnar Summerslam Plans! | WrestleTalk News June 2017

Why Chris Jericho Left WWE! Brock Lesnar Summerslam Plans! | WrestleTalk News June 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis. A Wild Vince McMahon Appears! Being 71 years old and having repeatedly revolutionised
the professional wrestling business, you’d think WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would be
taking it easier in his seventh decade. Especially because he’s rather prone to
randomly tearing quads. But he still refuses to skip leg day. Wrestling fan Tattooed Juggalo has shared
a rare photo of a Vince McMahon in the wild – down at the Anytime Fitness gym. Where he seems to be following the same ‘Make
My Arms Look Like A Road Map’ regime as Jinder Mahal. Chris Jericho, Vince McMahon & #BadCow
Chris Jericho staged a live ‘Talk is Jericho’ podcast recording yesterday in Dublin, Ireland,
where he recalled one of his favourite Vince McMahon tales. Over the years, Jericho has learned not to
talk to Vince if he’s hungry, as that apparently makes the chairman very unreceptive to new
ideas. After making sure McMahon was well fed, Jericho
entered his office and pitched a storyline involving the Wyatt Family and Shawn Michaels. But Vince was still hungry and ordered another
steak. At the end of the pitch, McMahon simply said
“bad cow” because the meat was too tough. Which raises the question: how many overcooked
steaks have robbed us of brilliant WWE storylines? Why Chris Jericho Left WWE
Jericho also recently spoke to With Spandex about why he left WWE following his United
States Championship win at Payback. “I knew that it was time to go because you
get to a certain level, then you turn baby face, and then that’s where you start having
problems, because with the baby face you either win the title and you’re John Cena, or you
start going down through the ranks.” Jericho went onto say that he’s much better
at playing the heel, so his babyface novelty is only short lived before fans start calling
for a bad guy turn again – and he “don’t want to deal with that s***.” Samoa Joe Taunts Paul Heyman
As Luke and I point out in the brand new episode of WrestleRamble – which you can watch right
here on WrestleTalk’s YouTube channel – this has been a very good week for WWE. An excellent main event at Extreme Rules,
a cracking Raw the night after and a mighty solid Smackdown on Tuesday. At the heart of all this excitement is the
fresh match-up between Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and his Worst Case Scenario Samoa
Joe – the feud kicking off with an excellent segment where Joe choked out Brock’s advocate
Paul Heyman. And the two have continued the storytelling
on Twitter: “Soak in the moment, @SamoaJoe. It’s your moment in the spotlight. You’ve wanted this notoriety. Now you have it!” “Collateral damage is such a unfortunate
necessity. Be well Paul, I trust my message arrived without
delay. I would loathe to send it again..” If the Wrestling Observer is to be believed,
he won’t get a chance to send it again. Brock Lesnar Post-Summerslam Plans
As Dave Meltzer writes in his latest newsletter, “Lesnar vs. Joe is scheduled for a one-time
thing, with Braun Strowman at Summerslam” – strongly hinting Joe is losing at Great
Balls of Fire (which, yep, is still the name for the pay-per-view). Meltzer continues that Roman Reigns is still
booked to fight Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 34, and that title defences
for the Beast are scheduled against both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor in the interim. This, of course, all depends on certain people
not getting injured, and there’s always the caveat of how good Vince McMahon’s steak
was that day – #BadCow – also known as ‘plans may change’. Luke Owen and I look at what happens if Joe
gets over and their feud is extended in tomorrow’s episode of WrestleRamble – which people donating
$5 a month or more on Patreon can watch right now, a whole day early. In the meantime, watch Thursday’s WrestleRamble
where Luke and I try to figure out who attacked Big Cass. And a top NXT star appears to be turning heel. Find out who by clicking the videos to the
left, press subscribe, and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Why Chris Jericho Left WWE! Brock Lesnar Summerslam Plans! | WrestleTalk News June 2017”

  1. Now we've got the answer to why Vince pushs Roman like this and thats besäuselt…………

    He's hungry and can't think normal #badcow

  2. i still think that jericho is an exception .he is creative with his work . i think his babyface run will be as good as his heel run .sad news that jericho will not coming back

  3. So Brock is going to squash all these other main eventers until Wrestlemainia, until Roman Reigns shows up and beats him. wow… I'm so excited for that.

  4. I wonder how Lesnar vs Joe will go my guess is suplex, suples….repeat until bored….F5…. thanks for coming Joe…. great to have a champion who is part time and only seems to have two moves left in his arsenal.

  5. just to remind everyone that i thought a champion was suppose to defend his or her title every 30 days what ever happened to that eulw?????

  6. Not a big deal, Joe is getting a chance to show what he is capable of which could get him more opportunities.

  7. I know it's kinda bad to say this but, I hoped Roman get's injured before wm so he won't be main-eventing again

  8. If Reigns Main Events Wrestlemania 34 then we should boycott Wrestlemania 34 and really should RIOT then finally Vince will stop shoving Reigns down our freaking throats

  9. So… Esentially… They are building up Joe and Braun so they can lose to Lesner so he can drop the belt to Roman at WM? slow clap

    Let's not forget that they have a built in Cinderella story for WM with Balor. First ever champion, got injured, and had to give up the belt without ever having lost it, going up against unstoppable monster (even before they feed him Joe and Braun).

    But no… Let's waste all that to try again to get Roman over.

  10. Samoa Joe is a transitional challenger, just a filler in the build up for Lesnar's big main event opponent…..Braun Strowman…..

    …..I'm starting to think this is an alternate universe to the real one, where everything's ok and makes perfect sense, while here everything is supposed to be ass backwards and, sometimes, utter shit.

  11. I predict Joe will win the Universal title because of interference from Braun Strowman. Then we'll have the Universal title will be back on a full time wrestler, and it also sets up Braun vs Lesnar for Summerslam.

  12. Idk why christ jerrico has to leave cause he have accomplished so much where he has nothing to loose. Maybe he didn't see the potential behind his new gimmick for the next three years. That's money right there before quitting.

  13. I like how the average fan and complains about Roman Reigns but it's their fault because their constant bitching is what keeps Roman in the main event

  14. I really hope that Reings Vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania with Reings winning gets canceled for any reason!!! The rest of lesnar fights, I look forward to!!!

  15. it's been well established that jericho left wwe because his band is going on tour. i have no idea what he's talking about or why it's even given a mention in this video

  16. honestly Samoa Joe can get the bigest reaction and the match could be the best match ll year they still wont take the title off lesnar, which is sad because RAW talent is gonna get buried Cena style

  17. vince, there's still time to change the name from great balls of fire, we'll forgive and forget, just change the name damn it!

  18. I'd rather Joe beat Brock for the belt and have Roman vs Joe for WM34. or maybe give up on Roman and push Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose, or AJ Styles, or Fin Valor or anyone but Roman.

  19. everyone will be fes to lesnar so that Roman can have a broc-be-que at wreatlemania. And they ask why wrestlers can not go over …….BECAUSE THEY ARE FED TO ROMAN ABD CENA BITCHES.

  20. now i get it!! vince gets his roids from jinder thats y he put the belt on him! makes perfect sense.

  21. we all know Roman lames is gonna main event wrestle mania again and win again oh I wish he was released after the shield broke up

  22. I PRAY to God you are wrong and that Roman Reigns won't main event and win ANOTHER Wrestle mania! Its getting really old Vince!!!!!!

  23. Lesnar is so boring now that the only thing interesting is heyman. braun plays the monster type character better and shows up every week when hes not injured. Have joe win and keep the lesnar vs braun match but use it to pass the torch to braun as the new badass and give him a title shot later. Having your main champ never on tv is insane. The Miz really is the premiere champion on raw right now with the ic belt

  24. The idea of Reigns main eventing his 4th CONSECUTIVE WRESTLEMANIA boggles my mind. With all the influx of indie wrestling, edgier product and freakishly talented performers, its hard to position your company around ONE person today. That's why the attitude era was such a hit cause that era made legit main eventers who were all closing out Manias. Like Austin, Rock, HHH, Foley, Michaels, Angle and Taker. I understand that Reigns is your chosen one and he's the face of WWE but come one. He's only as good as his competition. As of now, apart from Lesnar, there's absolutely no one believable enough to beat Reigns. If Lesnar were to leave today, there's NO ONE who's presented good enough competition for Reigns (not even freaking Strowman). And that's where the Reigns problem lies. His character is not the reason why we don't cheer him, its his booking. We cheer someone we want to see win. Reigns on the other hand wins everything anyway. He doesn't need our cheers. Have him main event every OTHER Mania and build other stars simultaneously. Rollins, Styles, Owens, Balor and Strowman can easily main event any Mania right now. Even guys like Ambrose, Wyatt, Joe and Nakamura need very little work to get there.

  25. Samoa Joe is a freaking boring character. Why is he even popular? Here comes all the boring fan comments to back up the boring Samoan.

  26. so Vince plan is to Lesnar to beat al fan favorites, then Reigns bet Lesnar at mania just to show "That he is the very best in wwe"… if Reigns wasn't hated enough after beating taker, this surely will make the job

  27. joe VS brock should be match of the year if its a another squash match it might be time to remove vince as he has lost all touch with the wwe universe

  28. That picture of Vince McMahon is him fresh from the gym drinking his own kool-aid. I'm sure it's all natural.

  29. I'd much rather see Reigns vs. Lesnar at the rumble, Lesnar retain. Let Balór win the rumble and win at mania

  30. Best Wyatt family storyline would be .. it's "revealed" bray Wyatt is Bo Dallas brother but one of the brothers lost their way. short feud between the two they end up joining forces. Destroy the raw roster after recruiting Braun again to the family. Run with the universal title and tag titles for one year

  31. that thumbnail brock lesner vs 3 ppl i really dont gaf to see vi swear if he not fighting rock ,or if its not some shit with him taker hhh and rock who really gives a fuck?

  32. Roman and Stroman…..again. OH,  BOY, I can't TELL you how happy I am to hear that, * rolling eyes*.  You'd think they'd get the hint by now. We boo him out of our arenas,  we cheer when he gets his ass kicked, we praised Stroman for beating the ever loving dog s**t out of him, and STILL, they want to put that title on him.  Eventually they'll catch on.

  33. At 71 years of age, Vince McMahon is in his 8th decade Oli! For the same reason why we are in the 21st Century despite the year beginning with "20".

  34. jericho left cause Fozzy is doing a tour that starts in july they been tlkaing about this for 8 months or so. he will be back next year

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