Wrestling Origins: Alexa Bliss

Wrestling Origins: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss may be a newcomer to wrestling,
but she has quickly risen up the ranks of WWE and became Women’s Champion during her
first year on the main roster. Though she doesn’t have the wrestling experience
of some others, she does have a great resume in athletics, so here is Wrestling Origins:
Alexa Bliss! Alexis Kaufman was born in Columbus, Ohio,
on August 9th, 1991. Ever since she was young, Alexis was involved
in sports. Starting at the age of just 5, she was competing
in softball, track and field, kickboxing, gymnastics, and cheerleading. She would continue cheerleading throughout
high school, achieving a lot of success, and even reached Division I Status in college. Alexis says that growing up, everybody in
her house loved wrestling, though she was by far the biggest fan. She says that the entire family were fans
of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Trish Stratus, but her favourite wrestler of all time is
Rey Mysterio. She says she always loved the luchador style
of wrestling with the high flying, acrobatic moves, which may be because she was a gymnast
herself, and on top of that Rey is a smaller guy, just as she is a smaller girl. Jumping back to high school, Alexis suffered
from an eating disorder. She apparently dropped 30 pounds in just 6
weeks due to anorexia, and her heart rate was at one point so dangerously low, just
28 beats per minute, that she had to be taken to the hospital where a doctor said she would
have died if she hadn’t come there. Due to her illness, her athletics career was
severely affected, but eventually she made some changes. Alexis began putting on weight in a healthy
way through weight training. Eventually, she developed a passion for lifting
and and got into professional bodybuilding. She would not only get absolutely shredded,
but she would enter in multiple competitions as well. She says she even competed against current
WWE wrestler Dana Brooke on a few occasions. She most notably competed in the Arnold Classic,
a very prestigious competition, though she finished 14th. Alexis has said that her experience with bodybuilding,
as well as kickboxing, allowed her to successfully and easily transition to wrestling due to
the insane discipline needed to compete in competitions. After her final bodybuilding competition in
2013, she retired, only to be signed by WWE in May of the same year. Alexis was sent down to NXT to develop, and
by June she would make her first televised appearance. She wasn’t wrestling yet, but instead made
random appearances, most notably as an unnamed ring announcer. In April of 2014, Alexis would be part of
Triple H’s WrestleMania 30 entrance alongside Charlotte and Sasha Banks, though she donned
a mask. Finally, Kaufman would debut on NXT in May
of 2014 as Alexa Bliss where she competed in a tournament for the vacant NXT Women’s
Championship. She would impressively defeat former Divas
Champion Alicia Fox in the first round, though lost to Charlotte in the second. She would also defeat Sasha Banks in June
before suffering an injury. When she returned in March of 2015, Alexa
would defeat Carmella, followed by Sasha Banks in a non-title match, earning her a shot at
the belt, though she couldn’t capitalize on it. In May, Alexa would form an alliance with
NXT Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, turning heel in the process. Fun fact: Alexa got engaged to Buddy Murphy
earlier this month after dating for years. Skipping forward a few months, Bliss would
begin feuding with Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship, landing a title shot in November,
but failed to capture it. In 2016, Bliss would abandon Murphy, disbanding
the trio, before having her last match in NXT in August where she was defeated in a
6-woman tag team match. With the 2016 WWE Draft, Alexa Bliss was drafted
from NXT to SmackDown Live, making her debut on July 26th where she confronted Becky Lynch. A few weeks later, she would defeat Lynch
in a match, her first win on the main roster, and would win a 6-woman tag team match at
SummerSlam alongside Natalya and Nikki Bella. Bliss would debut a Harley Quinn-esque look
when she competed for the new SmackDown Women’s Championsip in a six-pack elimination challenge,
though she couldn’t win it. However, she would earn another shot at the
title at No Mercy, but due to an injury the match was rescheduled for SmackDown in November. There she would lose in controversial fashion
after the referee didn’t see her get to the rope during a submission. After losing at Survivor Series as part of
team SmackDown, Bliss got another shot at Lynch for the title at TLC where she would
defeat Becky in a tables match, becoming the Women’s Champion. Since then, Bliss and Lynch have continued
their feud, both donning the gimmick La Luchadora to interfere in each other’s matches, and
most recently Alexa defeated Becky in a steel cage match with the help of the returning
Mickie James. And that was Wrestling Origins: Alexa Bliss. There wasn’t a whole lot of info to cover
here, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. If you think I missed anything, then let me
know down below, and don’t forget to subscribe for another episode of Wrestling Origins every
Friday. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!

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  1. Bliss has something to offer every wrestling fan: she's highly skilled in the ring, great on the mic, a good actress, has a strong SoH, a genuine love for wrestling history, and is gorgeous too!

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  3. when she is done or fired in WWE (i hope not 'cuz I love her so much), she could go to Lucha Underground because of strong admirations to the Luchadors like her idol Rey Mysterio.

  4. Alexa is hot af. She's cute, ass fat, nice titties lmao, personality is 😍 and overall amazing but behind Sasha Banks 🤷🏽‍♂️😍

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    Sounds like the Greek economy waiting to happen all over again
    Ponder who’s been fixing all the roads in Australia?
    No global economics is where it’s at, I was born in Australia I’m never going to sign a Australia music contract, hell being a musician has always been a fun gig but what to do with the money? Well the was superannuation works are great ways to invest

  6. Fuck sasha!

    How can she hate Alexa??

    Alexa is so nice.. how can you hate her?

    I hope she succeeds and sasha doesn't.. sorry but sasha hating Alexa really pisses me off, because of some bs, apparently Alexa didnt know the difference between Jeff and Matt Hardy… seems BS, I think sasha is jealous for some reason.

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