Wrestling Origins: Baron Corbin

Wrestling Origins: Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin just looks like a badass. The “Lone Wolf” is quite the contrast
to WWE’s top superstars today, but that may be exactly what gets him to the top. Corbin has proved himself as a big man with
big power and good quickness, which goes nicely with his high impact move set. With him being pushed as a future main-eventer,
I thought it was a good time for Wrestling Origins: Baron Corbin. Thomas Pestock was born on September 13th,
1984 in Lenexa, Kansas. He grew up watching wrestling with his father,
and was always a fan of the bigger superstars. He especially liked guys like Big Boss Man,
Sgt. Slaughter, and Bam Bam Biggalow as they were
big guys who could still move, and he says they paved the way for guys like himself. Like I mentioned, Tom grew up in Kansas in
what’s called Harley Race Territory, and he loved watching his favourite superstars
come through the area. However, Tom didn’t go the route of some
others who knew they wanted to be wrestlers from the beginning. Instead, he would take up football and land
himself a scholarship at Northwest Missouri State University, a Division II school, where
he played offensive guard. He was actually quite good, winning a pair
of awards in 2007 and 2008. He would play on teams that won four consecutive
National Championships as well. After college, Tom tried going pro, but was
undrafted in the 2009 NFL draft. He would however sign with the Indianapolis
Colts in April of 2009, only to be released in September. He would get another shot though, signing
with the Arizona Cardinals in early 2010, but after a scuffle with teammates where he
began throwing uppercuts, he was released. The Cardinals would give him one more chance
on the practice squad, but released him a year later in 2011. Hey, at least he became friends with Larry
Fitzgerald, so that’s a plus. You’re probably thinking “why the hell
was he throwing uppercuts”? Well, alongside his football ambitions, Tom
was an amateur boxer. Tom is a three-time Amateur Golden Gloves
regional champion, and even competed in the National Tournament of Champions, but he would
lose his second fight. On top of that, he’s also competed in grappling
competitions, namely Jiu Jits u. Though I can’t say with 100% certainty why
he didn’t pursue boxing further, I’d have to assume that he wasn’t quite good enough
to go pro. With a career in football decidedly behind
him, Tom began looking at other options for a career, and he quickly, and with certainty,
decided on wrestling. He says that everything else he had done up
to that point was all to eventually land a shot in WWE. I’m not sure that I believe that, but I
digress. With his childhood love for wrestling and
athletics resume, WWE decided to give him a shot after he contacted them. In August of 2012, Tom Pestock signed with
WWE and was sent to their developmental promotion NXT. There, he was given the ring name of Baron
Corbin, and would make his in-ring debut just a few months later on October 18th, 2012,
where he lost to Dante Dash. He would make his televised debut in May of
2013 where he lost to Damien Sandow. He would make a couple more appearances as
enhancement talent as well. See, Corbin didn’t have much personality
when he debuted and his only selling point was being a former NFL player, so WWE did
the right thing and took him off air to repackage him. When he returned in September of 2014, Corbin
was rocking a slightly different look, more personality, and had improved quite a bit
in the ring. It’s worth noting that this bike and heavy
metal enthusiast you see before you today isn’t as much of a character as it is an
extension of Tom himself. He would go on a tear, most notably defeating
CJ Parker during this streak. His first real feud would be with Bull Dempsey,
who was also undefeated at the time. The two would meet in January of 2015 where
Corbin defeated Dempsey and broke his streak. With that win, Corbin would compete in an
NXT Championship tournament, but would be eliminated by Adrian Neville in the semi-finals,
his first loss since his return. Moving to May, Corbin would turn heel after
the crowd seemed to turn on him, and he would debut his new, cocky persona. After being called out by Rhyno, Corbin would
defeat him at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable. Corbin would next feud with Samoa Joe with
the two brawling on two occasions, but Joe would pick up the win at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn
after Corbin refused to tap out. From there, Corbin would team with former
rival Rhyno, attack and defeat Apollo Crews, and failed to become number one contender
in a triple threat match with Sami Zayn. Finally, he would attack and feud with the
debuting Austin Aries before losing to him at NXT TakeOver: Dallas. At WrestleMania 32, Baron Corbin would make
his main roster debut by competing in the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal, where
he eliminated Kane to win. He would debut on RAW the next night and quickly
began feuding with Dolph Ziggler. After a lengthy series of matches, attacks,
and confrontations, the two settled their feud at Money in the Bank where Baron defeated
Dolph. In July, Baron Corbin was drafted to SmackDown
as part of the 2016 WWE Draft. He would almost immediately attack and injure
Kalisto before defeating Jack Swagger on more than one occasion. In November, Corbin was announced as a member
of Team SmackDown for Survivor Series, but after being injured in storyline by Kalisto,
he was replaced. This would set up a feud between Corbin and
the luchador where the two traded assaults on one another, and eventually they faced
off at TLC where Corbin won. In late December, Baron Corbin competed for
the WWE Championship in a triple threat match with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles, though he
lost after Styles pinned Ziggler. Most recently, Corbin announced his entry
in the 2017 Royal Rumble before suffering his first pinfall loss on the main roster
at the hands of John Cena. And that was Wrestling Origins: Baron Corbin. I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did leave
a thumbs up and subscribe for another episode of Wrestling Origins every Friday. As you can tell by the last few episodes,
I’m trying to work through all the requests you guys leave me, so let me know who you
want to see next down below. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!

100 thoughts on “Wrestling Origins: Baron Corbin”

  1. Thanks for putting this together. I'm a believer in Baron he has the tools. The writers need to let him be himself more. He has that personality to be hated and loved.

  2. Corbin didn't make that much progress in NXT i guess. But since he has been drafted to SmackDown we can actually see progress weekly. His firs talking smack interviews were horrible. But with the assistance of Daniel and Shane just in front of a live camera he has become to bloom and is getting quite believable. So thumbs up for Baron Corbin!

  3. I'd like him better if he was booked as simply "Tom" and his gimmick was pulling belly button lint out of his belly button and then doing a mandible claw.

  4. Surely, for someone to have a Wrestling Origin video, they need to be classed as "wrestlers" first. Baron Corbin is just a generic tall athlete who wouldn't be in wrestling, if he wasn't tall. Some fans call him underrated? Cesaro, Luke Harper, Neville etc. are underrated. How is Boring Corbin underrated? What does he posses that could be termed underrated? 4 moves? or his non-stop grunts? Such a shame they wasted a brilliant entrance on him.

  5. Corbin definitely needs to work more on his MIC skills, Anyone notice he has no expressions when he talks? If he showed more emotional expressions when he speaks, he will win gold!

  6. Top big guys are behind him, wwe has plans for him. Scott hall, Kevin Nash, Kane, even triple h see potential in hm, but I fear all that expectations will hurt him. They need him at this pace for awhile, not main eventing until a year or so. I call it the ryback affect

  7. I dismissed Corbin a while ago but his match at TLC won me over. If they don't bury him he could easily but WWE Champ in the next 12-18 months.

  8. looks like a what?! like a badass?! he looks like a kid and has star tattoos … he is just tall, thats it….

  9. he's now the big guy that wears the lizard mask that's part of Cobra Moons crew on lucha underground, tattoos give him away..

  10. i like barin corbin but he needs to shave his head for real man ,take a page out of austins book and just do it

  11. Since he has Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling in his background and is rumored to become a jobber because he was just recently buried by John Cena, I think he should've presumed an MMA career in the UFC.

  12. Who the fuck is Fitzpatrick? Some American football nobody. Want to be a sports star don't take up a sport which no one watches like American football

  13. I'll admit that I've made fun of Baron Corbin's vest and slacks attire (I call it the "Uber driver/ TGI Friday's waiter uniform" attire) but, that doesn't take away his skill as a performer and based on clips from WWE Ride-along and Up Up Down Down, he seems like a super chill, cool ass dude.

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