Wrestling Origins: Enzo Amore

Easily one of the most unique characters the
WWE currently has to offer, Enzo Amore really is a certified G and a bona fide stud. Though he may not be the best wrestler in
the world, his work on the mic is impeccable, which is why fans love him so much. Enzo and his partner Big Cass have made quite
an impact in WWE and seem to be destined for greatness, so today Wrestling Hub presents
Wrestling Origins: Enzo Amore. Eric Arndt was born on December 8th, 1986,
in Hackensack, New Jersey. He would grow up in nearby Waldwick, New Jersey,
where he attended Memorial Elementary School and Waldwick High. As a kid, he absolutely loved wrestling, and
as you may know his favourite superstar was and still is Shawn Michaels. Eric says that he always wanted to be a pro
wrestler, and that although he pursued other ventures along the way, wrestling was always
his dream. In High School, Eric would play football. This would eventually lead to Eric attending
Salisbury University and playing as a linebacker for the Sea Gulls from 2007-2009. Eric wasn’t the biggest guy on the field,
standing 5 foot 11 and 200 pounds, but he was definitely among the quickest. Unfortunately, Eric would suffer a neck injury
that would effectively end his football career. Before Salisbury, Eric he was kicked out of
Springfield College for, in his own words, “being too awesome”. He hasn’t really gone into the details,
but he says he was “having the time of [his] life” and was “out there raising hell”. It’s also worth noting Eric would eventually
obtain his degree in journalism, but swears he hasn’t read a single book in his entire
life. I don’t know if I believe that, but he’s
sticking to that claim. I’m sure this degree does help him today
though, as Eric reportedly writes tons of material for his own promos. His motto on the subject is “you keep reading
and I’ll keep writing”. After graduating, Eric would start working,
but not jobs that were expected of a journalism major. See, his father and uncle were all involved
in the music/entertainment business, so Eric began working as a DJ. He must have been pretty good, as he eventually
landed a gig as the official DJ for the New York Jets football team. He credits his experiences working on the
mic as a DJ for his ability to cut insane promos in WWE. Besides that, Eric also worked at a local
Hooters restaurant as a manager, and even briefly worked as a mover where he famously,
and accidentally, destroyed Alicia Keys piano. Since the age of 16, Eric had been training
at DeFranco’s Training Systems Gym in New Jersey. Purely by chance, WWE’s Triple H began training
with DeFranco a few years ago just before NXT was founded. As a lifelong wrestling fan, Eric was absolutely
ecstatic. He had absolutely no wrestling experience,
but that didn’t stop him from wanting to jump on this opportunity. Eric recorded a couple videos of himself,
cutting promos and showing off his athleticism. He would then give these tapes to Joe DeFranco,
who gave them to Triple H. Surprisingly, it took Hunter less than a week to offer Eric
a tryout with NXT. In August of 2012, WWE signed Arndt under
the ring name of Eric Anthony, but would quickly become Enzo Amore a few months later. He would train for only a few months before
making his NXT televised debut on May 22nd, 2013, where he was quickly defeated by Mason
Ryan. His character was an exaggerated version of
a “stereotypical, Jersey Shore loudmouth”. Side note: Eric actually made an audition
tape for the Jersey Shore TV show, but didn’t make the cut. Just imagine having him there along with the
Situation and Pauly D! Back in NXT, Amore would quickly form an alliance
with Colin Cassady, who’s now known as Big Cass. In a funny coincidence, it turned out Amore
and Colin had actually met 10 years earlier when they played basketball together in New
York, though didn’t really know each other until reuniting in 2013. Enzo and Cassady would feud with Mason Ryan,
but they would ultimately lose. After a few other relatively insignificant
feuds, Enzo and Cassady would enter a gauntlet match for a shot at the NXT Tag Team titles. They would defeat CJ Parker and Tyler Breeze,
as well as Alexander Rusev and Scott Dawson before being defeated by The Ascension. In November of 2013, Enzo suffered a broken
leg while training. He would be out of action until June of 2014
when he returned to Cassady’s side. The two would chase the tag titles again,
this time by competing in a tournament. They would defeat Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger
in the first round, but fell to the Vaudevillians in the next. They would soon join up with the debuting
Carmella, who was supposedly forced to become a wrestler after Enzo and Cassady cost her
a job as a hairdresser. Of course, Enzo was continuously training
during his run in NXT, and he credits Bill DeMott and Dusty Rhodes as being vital to
his success in the ring and on the mic. He also thanks John Cena and Dusty specifically
for getting him some time on the mic to develop his character and win over fans. Moving to March of 2015, Enzo and Cassady
would defeat the Lucha Dragons to become the number one contenders for the NXT Tag Team
Championships. They would get a shot at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable,
though were unsuccessful. In December, they would get another shot at
the titles at NXT TakeOver: London, as well as at Roadblock, but couldn’t come away
with the win. Enzo and Cassady would wrestle their final
match in NXT just before WrestleMania 32, which was when the duo was called up to the
main roster. On the RAW after WrestleMania, Enzo and Cass
would debut, without Carmella, and confronted The Dudley Boyz. The next week on SmackDown they would defeat
The Ascension in a tournament to determine the number one contenders for the WWE Tag
Team Championships. Enzo and Cass would defeat the Dudleyz the
next week on RAW, before facing off against the Vaudevillains in the finals at Payback. Unfortunately, Enzo suffered a legitimate
concussion in this match which ended their run at the title. Moving to Money in the Bank, Enzo and Cass
faced The New Day, The Vaudevillains, and Gallows and Anderson in a fatal-4-way tag
team match, though New Day would retain. In July, Enzo and Cass came to the aid of
John Cena who was being mauled by The Club, which resulted in the pair teaming with Cena
against them at Battleground, where they won. Shortly after at the WWE Draft, Enzo and Cass
were drafted to RAW where they would feud with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. This feud would culminate with a match at
SummerSlam where Jericho and Owens won. Since then, Enzo and Cass really haven’t
been up to all that much. Besides delivering some wicked promos, the
two don’t seem to have a clear direction as of now, so I hope WWE figures out what
to do with them soon. And that was Wrestling Origins: Enzo Amore. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a
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in the next one.

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