Wrestling Origins: Goldberg

Wrestling Origins: Goldberg

If you want to talk about the most dominant
wrestlers in history, Goldberg definitely has to be part of that conversation. Absolutely tearing up the wrestling scene
in the late 90’s for WCW before moving over to WWE, Goldberg was simply an unstoppable
force in the ring. His accolades speak for themselves, as do
the many fans who have eagerly awaited his return to the ring for over a decade. With him set to appear on RAW for the first
time in years, I thought it would be a great time for Wrestling Origins: Goldberg. William Scott Goldberg, better known as Bill
Goldberg, was born on December 27th, 1966 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was born to Jewish parents, with his father,
Jed, a Harvard educated doctor. His mother, Ethel, was a classical violinist
who also had great success in flower breeding, for which she won an award. Bill was proud of his Jewish heritage and
wouldn’t hide it in his personal or professional life. Even as a kid, Bill was a very talented athlete. He attended Thomas Edison High School in Tulsa
where he played football. He would excel, earning all-state honours
and was scouted by many colleges. Standing at 6 foot 3 inches and weighing approximately
250 pounds, Bill played defensive tackle for the University of Georgia. Though he was a great player, Bill certainly
wasn’t a top pick. When the NFL draft rolled around in 1990,
Goldberg would be drafted by the LA Rams in the 11th round. Bill maintains that he had the skill to go
in the first round, but a poor performance during the Japan Bowl and a positive marijuana
drug test hurt his reputation, thus impacted the draft. Goldberg would attend two training camps in
LA, but couldn’t impress. After bouncing around a bit, he landed in
Atlanta to play for the Falcons. There, unfortunately, he was hit awkwardly
which caused his lower abdomen to tear off his pelvis. Yes, that is exactly as painful as it sounds. After some poor medical treatment, doctors
declared that Goldberg’s NFL career was over. At just 29 years old, Goldberg’s hopes and
dreams had been crushed and he was lost. He returned home to Georgia to recover and
rehabilitate his body. After the brunt of his injury had healed,
he began weight lifting as well as MMA training at a local gym. It was there that he would meet two guys named
Lex Luger and Sting who saw this man’s amazing size and strength first hand, thus urged him
to consider professional wrestling. Though not really a fan of wrestling, Bill
decided to give it a shot. He began training at the WCW Power Plant,
a wrestling school in Atlanta, where he would learn the trade. He had a great look and was a quick learner,
though admittedly a bit of a rough worker. In 1997, he would make his debut under the
name Bill Gold, competing in a combination of dark matches and house shows. He would compete for just over a month under
this name and would win all but one of his matches. After an extremely short training period,
Bill Goldberg made his WCW debut on September 22nd, 1997, where he defeated Hugh Morrus. From there, Goldberg would defeat wrestlers
in quick 1-2 minute matches as he stacked up the W’s. Goldberg’s strong yet silent personality,
amazing strength, and surprising agility drew in fans like no tomorrow. Before you knew it, Goldberg was winning PPV
matches against the likes of Brad Armstrong and Perry Saturn, while still remaining undefeated. In March of 1998, WCW began referring to this
monster as simply Goldberg. Also, they began counting his wins as he continued
to dominate. After his 74th straight win, he challenged
Raven for the United States Heavyweight Championship, which he won. He would defend this title not only against
Raven in the rematch, but also notably Konnan and Curt Hennig. Side note: around now was when Goldberg’s
catchphrase “Who’s next?” became a thing. As Goldberg continued his dominance, he quickly
became a main eventer and set his sights on the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. After defeating stablemate Scott Hall, Goldberg
beat Hollywood Hogan for the championship on July 6th, 1998 on Nitro, though vacated
his United States title in the process. Goldberg would defend this title most notably
against the members of nWo as well as Diamond Dallas Page, a match that Goldberg remembers
as his favourite of his career. Moving to Starrcade 1998, Goldberg would face
Kevin Nash for the world title. After Scott Hall interfered and tasered Goldberg,
he was finally defeated. This ended his winning streak at a supposed
173-0, though many dispute that claim, saying it’s a major exaggeration. Moving forward to 1999, Goldberg would be
written off to film a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. When he returned, he feuded with DDP before
ending the winning streak of Sid Vicious in controversial fashion, a referee stoppage,
to earn himself his second United States Heavyweight belt. However, this win was declared void and the
title was forced to be defended in a tournament as a result. He would fail to retain it after a loss to
Bret Hart in his second WCW loss. After a brief stint as tag team champion,
Goldberg challenged Bret for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. It was in this match that Goldberg legitimately
injured Hart via a mule kick to the head causing a concussion. This injury and resulting complication would
eventually force Hart to retire from wrestling. Anyways, Hart would retain his belt after
a controversial ending, but decided to give Goldberg a rematch. In the second match, Goldberg was attacked
by the reformed nWo with baseball bats, and following Bret’s heel turn he lost the match. From there Goldberg would suffer a pretty
serious injury at the hands of… well, himself. During a segment, Goldberg was supposed to
break the windows of a limo. He did so at first using a metal pipe and
his fist, but then he went off script and used his forearm which obviously wasn’t
smart, but to be fair it did look pretty bad-ass. He suffered a nasty gash and lost a lot of
blood before being rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. This self-inflicted wound would sideline Goldberg
for a few months, causing him to miss a major show in Japan. From there Goldberg would briefly turn heel,
feud and lose to Scott Steiner, and try to replicate his legendary winning streak to
save his career. He did rack up quite a few wins before finally
being defeated at the hands of Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell and was written out of WCW in
order to have shoulder surgery. While he was recovering from said surgery,
WCW was purchased by WWE. WWE bought out Goldberg’s contract in 2002
which allowed him to start wrestling again, though this time in Japan. Unfortunately for him, he suffered another
injury in April of that year, but when he got going in August he was quite successful. His performance overseas is likely what brought
WWE calling, as he signed a one-year contract with the company in March of 2003. On March 31st, 2003, the day after WrestleMania
19, Goldberg made his WWE debut. He would do that thing they do in prison:
go after the biggest guy in the yard to prove your dominance. The WWE equivalent of that was Goldberg spearing
The Rock straight away. The feud would instantly ignite and carry
all the way to Backlash where Goldberg defeated The Rock. From there Goldberg would rack up the wins
once again, winning a notable feud with Chris Jericho before challenging and defeating Triple
H at Unforgiven to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The next week, Hunter would issue a bounty
of $100,000 on Goldberg, which caused many superstars to try and “take him out of the
game”. Batista would finally succeed after “shattering”
Goldberg’s ankle with a chair. This would lead to another match against Triple
H at Armageddon, but this time it also featured Kane, making it a triple threat. Here Goldberg would drop the title to Triple
H. Moving forward to the 2004 Royal Rumble, Goldberg
was trying to earn another title shot by winning the annual match. He seemed as if he was going to win, coming
in at number 30 and eliminating multiple men, until he was attacked by WWE Champion Brock
Lesnar, a man very similar in size and stature. This allowed Kurt Angle to eliminate Goldberg
and pick up the win. This would cause Goldberg to declare war on
Brock, saying he would be his “next victim”. Goldberg would go on to spear Brock’s manager
Paul Heyman as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin, though that was accidental. He would also attack Lesnar at No Way Out,
delivering a massive spear. He would end up costing Brock his WWE Championship
to Eddie Guerrero, which was the final straw. This set up a match between the two at WrestleMania
20 with Stone Cold as the guest referee. The match practically sold itself. However, fed up with the company and no longer
wanting to work for WWE, this would be Goldberg’s last match. Coincidentally, this would also be Lesnar’s
last match as he wanted to pursue other ventures, namely football. To put it simply, the two put on a pretty
terrible match and the crowd was pissed. This was not a proper send off for Goldberg,
who won the match before receiving a farewell stunner from Austin. After leaving wrestling, Goldberg would get
involved with MMA, serving as a commentator for a few promotions such as EliteXC and K-1
Dynamite USA, as well played a role in Adam Sandler’s “The Longest Yard” (which
was hilarious by the way). Since then he’s had a few more acting roles,
opened up a gym in California, added more cars to his awesome collection which features
the legendary Boss 429 and a Shelby Cobra 427, and finally got involved with charity
work and the ASPCA. Though I’m sure I’ve missed some things,
its safe to say Bill Goldberg has kept busy since leaving the WWE in 2004. On June 7th, 2015, Bill Goldberg made his
return to the ring at a Legends of Wrestling show in New York. Though I don’t know if you can call this
an official return, he did come to the aid of Rob Van Dam by spearing Scott Steiner. In January of 2016 he would do something similar
in Miami, spearing Steiner once again. Finally, we come to the present day. After being named as the pre-order bonus for
WWE 2K17, he and Brock Lesnar began taking shots at each other over social media. On October 3rd, 2016, Goldberg did an interview
on ESPN where he says a WWE return is not off the table, despite being nearly 50 years
old. This was followed up by Paul Heyman calling
out Goldberg on Lesnar’s behalf, challenging him to a WrestleMania 20 rematch. Goldberg is set to respond, in-person, on
the October 17th edition of Monday Night RAW. And that was Wrestling Origins: Goldberg. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a
thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more Wrestling Origins videos. Also, if I left anything out then feel free
to let me know with a comment below. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!

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  1. Oldbergs Origin's Comedy central b/c hes a JOKE !!!! Not even a good one either but one of them ones your kids come home so Excited from school to tell you a joke they heard at school just to hear a new version of with the same punchline you came home from school to tell your dad when you where still in school !!!YES I KNOW I WENT ALIL OVER THE TOP but if your going go then go Big lol !!!!! your insultfest can go ahead & beginnnnnn Now !!! Go

  2. my god if u pause and see the spear to lesner in WWM20 in this video..even austin looked shocked or bit disturbed and lesner seemed he is really hurt..

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  7. So, after sustaining an injury as nasty as tearing abdominal muscles off of pelvis in football, he rehabs and decides to try pro wrestling where abs is the most important component of power? Not sure what to make of it – stupid, lucky, genius or badass.

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  10. 2016: Destroyed Brock Lesnar in 85 seconds at Survivor Series

    2017: Won WWE Universal Championship at Fastlane against Kevin Owens and dropped the title to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 announced his retirement on Raw after WrestleMania

    2018: Was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Paul Heyman

    2019: Returned to face the Undertaker at Super Show Down which was the WORST match ever. Returned and destroyed Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam. Now is scheduled to return at SmackDown's debut on FOX

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