Wrestling Origins: Luke Harper

Wrestling Origins: Luke Harper

Luke Harper may not strike you as an exceptionally
good wrestler, but trust me when I say he’s so much more than just Bray Wyatt’s muscle. Harper is extremely quick and agile for a
man of his size and he’s honed his wrestling skills around the world over many years. Due to multiple requests, this is Wrestling
Origins: Luke Harper! Jon Huber was born on December 16th, 1979,
in Rochester, New York. For some reason, there is no information that
I can find about his upbringing or even schooling. I don’t know if it’s because he’s just
a private person or maybe he just appeared out of thin air in the late 90’s, but there
really isn’t anything to talk about here besides this beautiful yearbook picture. Oh, and he worked as a librarian somewhere
along the line as well. A 6 foot 5, 250+ pound librarian. Huber first got into professional wrestling
by competing as a backyard wrestler. He worked with his brother and went under
the name of Huberboy #2… very creative. He would begin properly training around 2001
under Kirby Marcos and Rik Matrix in New York. He made his debut for Roc City Wrestling in
late 2002, and by 2003 he began working as Brodie Lee for Rochester Pro Wrestling. Brodie Lee would work in multiple smaller
independent promotions over the years where he won Heavyweight championships and tag team
titles. I’m going to cover mainly the bigger independent
promotions, but I’ll just list off some of the smaller ones now. Keystone Championship Wrestling, Upstate Pro
Wrestling, Far North Wrestling, and Squared Circle Wrestling to name a few, as well as
a couple matches in the more popular Combat Zone Wrestling, or CZW. Let’s start with Chikara, where Huber debuted
as Brodie Lee in 2007. He wasn’t originally supposed to wrestle
that night as he was just visiting some friends backstage, but after another wrestler didn’t
show up, Lee was given the opportunity to get in the ring. Lee would lose that night, and eventually
returned two months later where he defeating Equinox in a rematch. Lee would continue working in Chikara, and
in April of 2008 he would notably be challenged by Claudio Castagnoli where the two exchanged
wins. However, Claudio would come out on top in
Chikara’s first-ever steel cage match. In late 2008, Brodie would form a stable called
The Roughnecks with Eddie Kingston and Grizzly Redwood. It’s worth noting that Brodie had a trucker
gimmick at this time with the nickname “Big Rig”. The stable would soon become a tag team though,
as Kingston moved into a singles feud with Claudio. As a tag team, Lee and Redwood would have
some success. They would rack up some wins and eventually
got a shot at the tag team titles, but they were unable to capture the belts, which led
to Lee turning on his partner. Brodie would continue working occasionally
in Chikara until 2012, but wouldn’t really make too much of an impact. Jumping back to 2008, Brodie Lee would have
a brief stint in Ring of Honor where he aligned with The Age of the Fall to help Jimmy Jacobs
defeat Austin Aries. He continued helping the stable, aiding Delirious
in his matches as well. Lee would feud with Necro Butcher briefly,
but he would lose. Also, Delirious would turn on the stable and
defeat Brodie in his final ROH match. In 2009, Lee would debut for Jersey All Pro
Wrestling as a part of The Hillbilly Wrecking Crew with Necro Butcher and Trevor Murdoch. Lee and Necro would work as a tag team to
win the JAPW Tag Team Championships and would hold them for nearly 6 months. From there he moved to singles competition. He was unable to capture the JAPW Heavyweight
Championship from Dan Maff, but he would win the JAPW New Jersey State Championship. However, he would later on with the Heavyweight
Championship and unified the two belts. At the end of 2011 though, Lee was stripped
of his belt after not defending it in nearly a year. In 2010, Lee would debut for Evolve at the
promotions first ever show where he won a 6-man tag team match. In Evolve, he would most notably wrestle Jon
Moxley to a no contest before kicking a chair into his face, resulting in a suspension. Also in 2010, Brodie would debut in Dragon
Gate USA in May, and Dragon Gate Japan in December. In the US, Lee would work with Jon Moxley,
Mike Quackenbush, Rich Swann, and sumo legend Akebono who he defeated in a singles match. Over in Japan, Lee would join The Warriors. The Warriors would quickly turn heel in 2011
and became the top villains in the promotion. He would work in both promotions until 2011. On March 12, 2012, Jon Huber signed a developmental
contract with WWE. This came much to his surprise as WWE had
repeatedly denied him this opportunity in the past, but with WWE finally looking for
a man of his size, plus the glowing recommendations of his indie friends Cesaro, Dean Ambrose,
and Seth Rollins, Jon landed the contract. It’s also worth noting that Jon had worked
in WWE before as an extra almost 20 times, but was never given a proper shot prior to
this. Huber would make his debut for Florida Championship
Wrestling at a house show on May 18th, 2012, now under the ring name of Luke Harper. Harper carried his dirty, trucker/hillbilly
look with him, as well as that magnificent beard. FCW was soon rebranded to NXT, and there he
would be paired up with Bray Wyatt as the first member of the Wyatt Family. Interestingly, he was introduced first as
Bray’s son, but that would eventually change to brother. Harper would form a tag team with his other
brother Erick Rowan, and the two would have some success. They nearly won the NXT Tag Team Championship
tournament, defeating 2 other teams before losing in the finals to Adrian Neville and
Oliver Grey. However, they would avenge this loss a few
months later when they defeated Neville and Bo Dallas to win the NXT Tag Team Championships. They would defend these titles once before
losing them back to Neville and his partner Corey Graves. In May of 2013, WWE began airing vignettes
of the Wyatt Family, and they eventually debuted in July and attacked Kane. I’ve already covered the Wyatt Family’s
main roster run to the present day pretty in depth in my Bray Wyatt origins video, so
I’m just going to cover the Harper exclusive stuff here. In late 2014, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
were set free by Bray, allowing them to transition to singles competition. Harper would quickly join Team Authority,
spearheaded by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, at Survivor Series. This also landed him a title shot against
Dolph Ziggler, who he had attacked to get the spot. Luke would defeat Ziggler to win the Intercontinental
Championship, his first title in WWE. Harper would defend his title against Dean
Ambrose, but got himself disqualified. He would then face Ziggler in a ladder match
at TLC where he lost, ending his reign at just 27 days. After failing to capture it back in a crazy
seven-man ladder match at WrestleMania 31, Harper feuded with Dean Ambrose where he lost
in a Chicago Street Fight. In mid-2015, Harper would once against align
himself with Erick Rowan, but Rowan would suffer an injury. This led to Luke and Bray getting back together,
and soon after their newest member Braun Strowman would debut. Jumping forward a bit, in March of 2016 Luke
Harper would suffer a knee injury during a dark match. The injury was fairly serious and he was out
for months, eventually returning to TV at No Mercy to help Bray Wyatt defeat Randy Orton. Randy as you know would join up with the Wyatt’s
after that match, and he and Bray would soon become the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, also
making Luke a champion under the Freebird rule. Most recently, Harper and Orton lost the tag
titles to American Alpha on SmackDown, and after the rematch, Luke accidentally superkicked
Bray Wyatt after a confrontation with Orton. And that was Wrestling Origins: Luke Harper. I know a lot of you have been waiting for
this one so I hope you enjoyed it despite the lack of information on him outside of
the ring. If you have anything to add to the video,
then let me know down below. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
catch you in the next one!

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  1. Is it just me or on the thumbnail on the picture to the left luke Harper looks like serj tankian from system of the down

  2. the match he had with randy at elimination chamber proved just how underrated he is he hung with randy the whole match.

  3. Came across this video as a recommended on the side bar. I've now watched 4 others (Styles, Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt and Baron Corbin). Easier Subscribe on an unheard of channel. Keep up the good work.

  4. make some videos of origins of wrestlers from the past like Harley Race, Buddy Rogers, Fritz Von Eric or some great wrestler from before that time that anyone born after the late 1970's early 1980's would not know about.

  5. My favorite part of the Wyatt story was during 2015? 2014? Royal Rumble when all of them were in it and one by one they entered. The announcers did a good job building the growing threat. or I'm misremembering it.

  6. "may not strike you as an exceptionally good wrestler", SMH. have you (wrestling hub) EVER seen him as brody lee on the indies (chikara/czw/roh/ect)? atleast 1 match? go watch his fued with claudio castagnoli (cesaro) & matches w/ jon moxley (dean ambrose), eddie kingston & his JAPW run. i dont watch the WWE & barely follow NXT although i followed/watched tons of current NXT talent on the indies around the world aswell as japan & mexico 4 over a decade + BUT if only he could branch away from the wyatt family (maybe he did already?) & start a singles run, the man can work. like i mentioned eariler, he could fued w/ cesaro or jon moxley who he's extremely aquainted with from years previous. HELL, his series of matches w/ NXT referee drake younger was fantastic. if only WWE would allow him to be him.

  7. Mr Huber was my librarian at the old douglass campus (now northeast northwest college prep at the douglass campus) great man, i used to hate it when hed purposely look up my schedule to see if i was skipping classes.

    I believe it was while he was wrestling in Rochester still

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