Wrestling Origins: Neville

Wrestling Origins: Neville

This video is brought to you by Wrestling
Amino. Wrestling Amino is a social network built
specifically for pro-wrestling fans. Build your profile, connect with other fans
just like you, and share your thoughts on anything and everything wrestling. Download it now on iOS and Android devices. As WWE so eloquently puts it, “you don’t
receive a nickname like The Man That Gravity Forgot by being ordinary”. Truly one of the most exciting performers
in wrestling today, Adrian Neville, now commonly referred to as just Neville, is loved by fans
everywhere for his agile, high flying style. Though an injury set him back in the WWE and
he’s likely stuck in the mid-card as a result of him being a smaller guy, Neville still
boast many accolades that prove just how good he is. He is one of the most highly requested wrestlers
for this series, so today I present Wrestling Origins: Neville. Benjamin Satterley, who goes by Ben, was born
on August 22nd, 1986 in Newcastle, England. He grew up in the UK and was an extremely
active kid. You guys probably have a brother or cousin
or something just like this: they always just want to run around and they play almost every
sport. This is exactly how Ben was. He played soccer, hockey, basketball, and
even took up swimming. Having played all these traditional sports,
it’s no surprise Ben took a liking to professional wrestling, as he said it was “like nothing
he had seen before”. He loved watching WWE when he was a kid after
first learning about it through his aunt, but his parents quickly banned him from watching
wrestling. This wouldn’t stop little Benjamin though,
as he would secretly go over to his aunt’s to watch it instead. His absolute favourite wrestlers were The
Undertaker and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. When Ben turned 18, he decided to pursue his
true passion, which over the years he had learned was professional wrestling. He started training at a local wrestling school
called St. Joseph’s Hall, though credits his first wrestling promotion as his main
source of training. Speaking of his first promotion, Satterley
would debut on March 27th, 2004, as Pac at Independent Wrestling Federation, or IWF,
though he lost. If your curious, the name Pac came from the
fact he always had noticeable abs as a kid, and his dad would call him six-pack. Of course that name was already taken, so
he just went with Pac. Pac spent 2 years wrestling mainly for IWF
and 3 Count Wrestling, learning the game and honing his skills. He would win his first piece of gold on August
26th, 2005, where he won the tag team championship with Harry Pain. He would also win the 3CW Young Lions Championship
and 3CW Heavyweight Championship in early 2006. Around the same time, he would also start
moving to other promotions across the UK and Europe. Before we go any further I just want to mention
that as usual, I’m not going to cover every single promotion Pac has worked in as there
are simply too many, but instead I’ll cover his bigger runs. I will however list off some of the smaller
ones right now: Frontier Wrestling Alliance, New Wrestling Entertainment, Fighting Spirit
Federation, and Westside Xtreme Wrestling to name a few. After joining One Pro Wrestling, Pac became
the first ever Openweight Champion, a title he would defend on several occasions. He would hold it from November until June
of 2007 when he lost it to James Wallace. Over in Internation Pro Wrestling: UK, Pac
would advance to the second round of the King of Europe Cup, a prestigious tournament, though
would be defeated by Nigel McGuinness in the quarter finals. Another notable part of Pac’s career over
in Europe came in 2007 also when he competed as Jungle Pac, which is exactly what it sounds
like. He was billed from “The Jungle” and changed
his attire to match. He would have a noteworthy match for the Cruiserweight
Championship there against Matt Cross, Juventud Guerrera, and Super Nova, though he wouldn’t
win. Now let’s move outside of Europe. On November 17th, 2006, Pac made his debut
in Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Yes, we’re jumping back in time a bit. He would quickly compete against A.J. Styles as part of All Star Weekend IV, but
was unsuccessful. The next night he would face off against El
Generico in a match that was regarded as a contender for Match of the Year. Pac would wrestle in other promotions, which
I promise I will cover in this video, but returned to PWG in February of 2007 where
he defeated Kevin Steen. He would then be awarded a shot at El Generico’s
PWG World Title, but was defeated once again. The next month, Pac would team up with Roderick
Strong and won the World Tag Team Championships after defeating the Briscoe Brothers in the
finals of a tournament. They would hold these for a few months until
the end of July when they lost to Kevin Steen and El Generico. Also while part of PWG, Pac competed in the
2007 Battle of Los Angeles Tournament where he would pick up a win over Claudio Castagnoli
in the second round before losing in the semi-finals. Skipping forward to 2008, Pac would return
to PWG after a long absence. He would get a World Championship shot against
Chris Hero, but was unsuccessful. He would also return after many years in a
losing effort against Kevin Steen, and wrestled his final match in PWG in 2012 by winning
a six-man tag match. Now let’s jump back to 2007 where Pac briefly
worked in TNA. In January of that year, he would work two
matches, both being number 1 contender fatal four way matches, though lost both of them. After his extremely short time in TNA, Pac
would debut in Ring of Honor at their shows in Liverpool. He lost to Roderick Strong in his first match
and would also lose the second to Matt Sydal, aka Evan Bourne. He would have two more matches later that
year against Bryan Danielson and Davey Richards, though lost both. In April of 2007, Pac made his debut for Chikara
in a four-way elimination match against Chuck Taylor, Ricochet, and Retail Dragon. Once again, Pac would lose this match, as
well to Ricochet when he returned there in August. He would also face Claudio Castagnoli the
next night, but would be defeated. Just to make things clear, Pac may have been
losing these matches, but he is always entertaining. Now while all this was going on, Pac was also
working for Dragon Gate over in Japan, which is why his appearances stateside were so sporadic. He would enter a tournament for the Open the
Brave Gate Championship, but lost in the first round in April of 2008. He would then team up with Dragon Kid for
the Open the Twin Gate Championships, but lost again. In 2009, Pac would join the World-1 stable. This stable was unable to win the Open the
Triangle Gate titles on two occasions, but they finally defeated Warriors-5 in June of
that year to become the champs. They would hold these titles all the way to
mid-October, ending the reign at 78 days. Moving forward to February 2010, Pac would
challenge for the Open the Brave Gate Championship, but was defeated. However, he would win the vacant belt in August
in a tournament to crown the new champion. Around the same time, World-1 would also chase
the titles once again, but lost to Blood Warriors and were forced to disband. In June of 2010, Pac would team up with Dragon
Kid to win the Open the Twin Gate Championships, but lost them under a month later. Moving to 2012, Pac would defend his Open
the Brave Gate title against Ricochet. Here Pac was defeated, which ended his reign
at a record 447 days. From there, Pac would get a shot at the Open
the Dream Gate Championship, the promotions top title, but would be unsuccessful. He would continue wrestling in Dragon Gate,
winning the Open the Triangle Gate titles again, before wrestling his last match there
on July 22nd, 2012 in successful defence. Let’s head back to 2010 for a second. In American Wrestling Rampage, Pac would notably
wrestle El Generico in a series of matches before defeating him as well as Michael Knight
for the No Limits Championship. He would defend the title twice against El
Generico before losing it just a few days later. Also in 2010, Pac made his debut for Dragon
Gate USA. Here he would notably become Dragon Gate USA’s
first ever Open the United Gate Champion with his partner. However, they would lose the belts to their
Japanese counterparts in a title-vs-title match. Its also worth noting that Pac made a brief
appearance in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he notably defeated Jushin Thunder Liger in
the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, but eventually lost to Ryusuke Taguchi and
was eliminated in June of 2012. In July of 2012, it was reported that Ben
Satterley had signed a contract with WWE and was set to join the developmental territory
NXT. He would debut there on January 16th, 2013,
under the name Adrian Neville and defeated Sakamoto. Soon Neville would become the inaugural NXT
Tag Team Champion with his partner Oliver Grey after defeating Luke Harper and Eric
Rowan. However, Grey would be injured in story and
Neville would lose the titles with his replacement partner Bo Dallas. After losing a Battle Royal and being eliminated
by Dallas, Neville teamed up with Corey Graves to regain the NXT Tag Team Championships. A few months later however the two would fall
to The Ascension and lost the belts. Moving back into singles competition, Neville
defeated Sami Zayn to become the top contender for the NXT Championship. He would challenge Dallas numerous times but
wouldn’t win the belt, be it the result of count-out or disqualification. Finally, at NXT Arrival, Neville would beat
Dallas in a ladder match and become NXT Champion. Neville would defeat the likes of Brodus Clay,
Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze, and even Sami Zayn as part of his title reign. Still NXT Champion, Neville would make his
RAW debut in an effort to promote NXT TakeOver, teaming with Sami Zayn against Breeze and
Kidd. At NXT TakeOver, Neville would retain in a
fatal 4-way match and in December would become the longest reigning NXT Champion (until Finn
Balor in 2016). His reign would finally end at 287 days when
he lost to Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution. Neville would attempt win the belt back but
had no success, and would lose to Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver: Rival before being called
up to the main roster. Since his call up, Neville, as he is now referred
to, has been relatively quiet. He competed in the 2015 King of the Ring tournament
where he lost to Bad News Barrett, and also competed against John Cena in a losing effort
for his United States Title. After losing to Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho,
and Seth Rollins, Neville finally caught a break when he worked with actor Stephen Amell
in a feud against Stardust, and the two would defeat Stardust and Barrett at SummerSlam. Like I said before, Neville may not always
pick up the win, but he is always fun to watch. In 2015, he even won a Slammy Award for Breakout
Star of the Year. In March of 2016, Neville would fracture his
ankle during a match with Chris Jericho and was sidelined for four months. He recently made his return in July of this
year after being drafted to RAW, though unfortunately has only really been used for filler matches
on RAW. And that was Wrestling Origins: Neville. This video was highly requested, so I hope
you enjoyed it. If you did please give it a thumbs up and
subscribe for more content like this. Also, hit me up on Twitter to suggest someone
for next week’s episode. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!

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