WWE celebrates Women’s History Month

WWE celebrates Women’s History Month

[MUSIC] A revolution started in the WWE, led by every woman to ever step
foot inside the squared circle. [MUSIC]>>Watching the legends,
they really broke down doors for us.>>It took every woman from each era, to make this happen. [MUSIC]>>And all of you turn that
revolution into an evolution. You became the superstars and
the headliners. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>All of you have inspired
people all over the world, with your passion,
with your unbridled talent. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “WWE celebrates Women’s History Month”

  1. they put ronda there, the woman who did nothing but point at a sign, but totally ignore aj lee, the true longest reigning divas champion and the one who actually started the revolution? ridiculous

  2. Honestly, AJ Lee is the one the Battle Royal should be named after. She's the one who brought the women's division out of the dark ages of the horrible models and reality shows. She's the reason that the women are featured now because she proved to the WWE that a woman could actually make them money and make fans care about them for more than just looks.

  3. Alundra Blayze is one of my idol, my trailblayzer, former 2 time Monster Jam World Finals champion, WWE Hall of Famer, and she has her husband who serves our great country of United States of America

  4. were aj lee at, before aj won the title for the first time, the division was hella dry and lame until aj one the title she made it better and intresting.

  5. It's sad Chyna never got to see herself in the WWE HOF during her lifetime! The blame will always be towards Triple H and Stephanie for that….

  6. Now if only they can expand the division by creating a mid-card title or a tag division…. Or why not a Women's Division only PPV?… It would sell better now than it would have done 5-10 years ago.

  7. Victoria!!! 0:19 Victoria for HOF 2019! I want to see her at the WrestleMania 34 Battle Royal and the Royal Rumble 2019.

    Bring back Victoria… I'd love to see her back. Chris Jericho comes in every now and then with short stints why cant we have women legends do it too?

    PS: I love seeing Victoria and Chyna finally being featured in the history of WWE Women!

  8. Masculine men are responsible for building this western civilization. Unmarried masculine men are responsible for every single invented resource that you're benefiting off of right now.

  9. Great to see Bull Nakano here, but Luna Vachon should really be in here too. Very individual, memorable character.

  10. I love the Women's Revolution so much Girl power all the way but I'm mad AJ Lee is not in there she help start the Women's Revolution

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