WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Full Show Review, Results, & Recap

Extreme Rules man extremely underwhelming disappointing extreme boring television extreme pathetic
wrestling extreme failure rules is what they should have called this
pay-per-view last night I don’t know which paper you was worse backlash or
last night Extreme Rules every match on this card was fucking horrendous
horrendous you know we all looked at this card we
saw 10 matches and we all thought oh maybe WWE will give us one good match
out of the 10 but obviously WWE always knows how to fuck things up this fucking
creative team I mean it cannot get any worse than this can it I mean it is a
fucking complete circus on the main roster right now this creative team has
to be the worst creative team that the WWE has ever seen it’s the worst
creative team that I have ever seen this this pay-per-view was booked like you it
felt like it was booked with a fucking box of crayons it felt like it was
written with a box of crayons every single match on this pay-per-view was
god-awful there was not one match that I was into you can tell by the Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania crowd that they weren’t into any of the matches outside of a
j-style versus rusev that we heard rusev day AJ Styles rusev day AJ Styles
outside of that I mean you can hear a pin drop in the fucking crowd
that’s how bad this pay-per-view was the only match that I was looked that I
looked forward to was the match between Steph Rollins and Dolph Ziggler the only
match that I saw in the crowd and I’m you let in and I said to myself you know
what that’s probably gonna steal the show and when I saw Roman reigns not
main eventing the show I said to my soul well maybe WWE’s finally doing the right
thing and they’re going to get the main event right and I was absolutely shocked
that Roman reigns and Bobby Lashley did not main event this pay-per-view when I
seen Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler in the main event thirty men minute Iron
Man match I said to myself this is going to be a fucking seven star match because
they’re saving the best for last that’s what I was saying to myself I
said they’re gonna blow the roof off this place
because in their first two encounters they put up five star matches on Monday
Night Raw it took them 30 minutes on Monday Night
Raw to put up a fucking classic the second match was another classic 30
minutes but the way that they booked this match last night
WWE definitely dropped the fucking ball on this one seven pin Falls
seven pin falls in 20 minutes seven pin falls between Steph Rollins
and Dolph sig in 20 minutes then drew McIntyre goes crazy cost Dolph Ziggler
around Dolph Ziggler’s down to read dill and all of a sudden he comes back and
ties it at three three then the match ends at a fucking draw Kurt Angle comes
out and says hey we’re going to go to sudden death match starts again drew
McIntyre reappears after getting eliminated fuck finish interferes again
and the show goes off the air with Dolph Ziggler still your Intercontinental
Champion my god I really don’t know which paper you was the worst
pay-per-view so far here backlash or Extreme Rules I think
Extreme Rules topped it so far I think Extreme Rules definitely topped it
because the way that this show just went on and on with no fucking excitement
whatsoever I mean my god this pay-per-view was fucking awful people
awful I actually turned the fucking pay-per-view off and went to bed and
then watched it on replay this morning and I was like thank God I turned this
fucking pay-per-view off and went to bed and got some sleep because I didn’t miss
anything and if you missed Extreme Rules you didn’t miss anything
neither because this pay-per-view was fucking abomination it was a fucking
abomination I mean I feel bad for the for the fans that were at attendance
watching this fucking filth that’s who I feel bad for the fans in the front row
that paid thousands of dollars to sit through this fucking nauseating shit for
fucking for hours I mean the fans that flew out the Pittsburg Pennsylvania to
watch this shit that’s who I feel bad for the people that paid thousands of
dollars to sit there to watch this fucking garbage that’s who I feel bad
for the WWE diehard fans that all they want is a professional wrestling show to be booked correctly and have some
action in it but I mean there was none of these matches
none of these matches God pops from the crowd
none of these met all these matches were like all the wrestlers were wrestling in
quicksand there was no excitement in that crowd and I blamed that on WWE and
their creative team I don’t blame the fans I’ve heard people saying that the
Pittsburgh fans were the fucking worst fans of them all last night because they
were worn into the show well if WWE will put a fucking good
product out there then the fans will get into the show but if you’re gonna feed
them shit they’re gonna start chanting CM Punk and let’s beat the traffic and
start pulling with fucking beach balls in the fucking arena like I’m sure they
did last night but my god this did this show was fucking horrendous I think this
this has to be by far top five worst pay-per-views in WWE history I think in
your house back in the day with fucking Doink the Clown and crush was better
than this fucking garbage that we saw last night I mean you got ten matches on
this card and you can’t give one fucking good match on you can’t present the WWE
Universe one fucking good match not one people I don’t get it people if it wasn’t for
this part if it wasn’t for this podcast okay if I didn’t have to religiously
watch this fucking garbage to do this podcast here on squaring the circle I
would not even fucking watch WWE anymore until they get back to where they were
because right now this isn’t WWE this isn’t WWE I don’t know what fucking
wrestling organization this is I really don’t because I have never seen WWE this
bad week in and week out the way these matches are not being booked correctly
no story line between behind any of these matches I mean it is just fucking
awful now we’re hearing reports that Paul Heyman is joining the WWE creative
team on Monday Night Raw my god I hope that is true because I hope Paul Heyman
does something different tonight on Monday Night Raw and turns Monday Night
Raw around because right now this fucking WWE creative team and WWE right
now they need a fucking miracle they need a fucking miracle to turn
things around because the way things are going I mean Monday Night Raw last week
got the lowest rating in history in history Monday Night Raw got the lowest
rating if that’s not gonna make heads turn then I don’t know what will because
I’m sure Extreme Rules got a fucking low rating as well because not one one match
on this show I was into not one they start this fucking god-awful
pay-per-view off with the pre-show with the pre-show and lo and behold who is on
the pre-show probably one of the best fucking wrestlers in the world today
former NXT champion probably had the match of the year where Johnny Gargano
our honesty anonymous is on the fucking pre-show if that doesn’t tell you how
how great this fucking creative team is and how creative they are that they have
nothing for other honestly anonymous but to put him on a fucking pre-show with
fucking Sin Cara okay did we just fucking see this match on
Smackdown live this past week and were you’re gonna put give us this match
again on a fucking pay-per-view and I’m the fucking pre-show when there’s no one
in the fucking crowd yet okay people are filing in and this is what you have for
their honesty anonymous you put him on a pre-show we’re like fucking five people
in the stands this man came out to no reaction no reaction you can hear a
fucking pin drop in the fucking arena when he came out this is the best that
we have for our thoroughness see anonymous former NXT champion a 5 star
match machine this is what we have for him and the top of you put him in there
with Sin Cara that can’t fucking move in the ring anymore like he used to he
botched like fucking three moves in this in this match he almost killed after
honestly anonymous one time when he fucking jumped off the second rope and
fucking I was running saying I was almost fucking broke his fucking neck on
the apron you put him in the ring with his fucking moron that’s probably the
fucking injure him almost injured him but at the
rawness Anonymous starts the fucking god-awful circus that was Extreme Rules
in a fucking jabber match it was just a jobber match just like the week this
past week on Smackdown live or dancing I was gonna be the jobber and he was
supposed to make a drama see Adamas look good and he actually didn’t because Sin
Cara was very sloppy in the ring and he botched a couple of moves and then that
makes it all drown the tsunamis look good and I blame this on this fucking
WWE creative team because you have this guy so much talent he could have been in
the ring with a fucking Randy Orton he could have been in the ring with a
Nakamura he could have been in the room with a Jeff Hardy he could have been in
the ring with anybody on the main show not on the pre-show you should have put
him on the main show you should you should have been start building him why
the fuck did they bring him up from the NXT roster if they have nothing for him
and they’re gonna put him on a pre-show they should have left him in NXT and we
could have seen him fight ricochet or have him fight velvetine dream we’ll
have him fight another rematch with Alistair Blackman no they bring him up
to the fucking main roster to waste him on a pre-show when I seen this I was
like you gotta be kidding me this show is gonna start off with a fucking a bang
it’s gonna show I started with a fucking bang nonetheless our honesty Namas beats
Sin Cara in a awful fucking match to start to show watch the city by Sin Cara
almost fucking killed her honestly anonymous but nonetheless after on scene
I was beat Sin Cara hopefully we’ve seen the last of Sin Cara on the fucking main
roster other obviously and I was beat Sin Cara the second match
the second match on this god-awful pay-per-view a tag-team tables match
tag-team tables match we have Extreme Rules in the match one
of the few matches that had any type of Extreme Rules in it
we had sanity versus the new day in a table match again this creative team did
not be creative to build this match properly okay you got the fucking
longest reigning tag team champions of all time the new day right and then you
have this up-and-coming trio called sanity so you would think WWE will be
creative and booked this match properly with some type of build behind it with
some type of storyline behind it but no they don’t they just throw it out there
on a fucking pre-show once again no one in the stands okay you have this new
trio sanity that you want to present the WWE Universe but nobody’s watching the
fucking pre-show nobody’s in the arena yet these two trying to get through
fucking security and they looking for fucking parking and they’re buying their
fucking popcorn and chips right there’s nobody understands yeah nobody’s
watching this match once again sanity and a new day come out to fucking pain
drops no reaction from the fucking crowd another god-awful match a tables match
one table was used just one table one table was used in his whole match erick
rowan puts Kofi Kingston through a table he jumps off the second rope while Kofi
Kingston is fighting with one of the sanity members and he puts Kofi Kingston
through a table and he beats the new day on this fucking
pre-show that no one gives two fucks about then we get to the main show the
main show which starts off with a bang I mean you’re gonna put Bray Wyatt and
Matt Hardy out there versus the B team for the Tag Team Championships who cares
about this fucking match really this match was built fucking horrible I mean
the first week it was funny when the B team was imitating Bray Wyatt and Matt
Hardy it was fucking funny but then they went to the world – a
second time then they went to a world third time then they went to well fourth
time by the fucking time the second time ran around I mean it was played out
already with the imitation of Bray Wyatt and
Matt Hardy you know Monday Night Raw tag-team division is a fucking circus
just like the creative team is I mean brain white and Matt Hardy are two polar
opposites they come up to they come out to separate fucking theme songs they
don’t dress alike and now you got the fucking B team people this is the team
that’s gonna carry the tag team division right now this is the team that’s going
to carry the tag team division right now when you have the fucking authors of
pain on the main roster that were fucking in WWE main event people they
had they had the authors of pain in a WWE main event show the the minor
leagues of all television programming W main event programming that streams live
that streams on the WWE Network they had authors of pain face titus
O’Neil and fucking Apollo crews over the weekend talk to the pain others are pain
weren’t even on this fucking pay-per-view why didn’t we make this
match a triple threat match a Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy versus the B
team versus the authors of pain and the others pain goes in there beats the
living hell hole out of these two tag teams and you just fucked up put the
fucking tag team titles on them so they can bring some fucking prior to those
championships so they can try to build this tag team division again no they
don’t they put the altars of paint on the fucking W main event show the minor
leagues out of all shows okay and you leave them off this pay-per-view to give
this fucking garbage Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy versus the B team the B team win
the B team are your new tag team champions let’s see how long they’re
gonna have their titles for Matt Harding Bray Wyatt are the sloppiest tag team I
have ever seen in my 30 years watching WWE sloppy sloppy sloppy
Bray Wyatt needs to lose fucking about a hundred pounds and Matt Hardy just needs
to retire because he can’t move in a ring like he used to his gimmick has
been absolutely destroyed by this fucking W the creative team I mean they
will never get the Matt Hardy that TNA had never with this creative team they
would never get that type of Matt Hardy and that might heart a gimmick the
wolken gimmick is dead they need to end Matt Hardy and his gimmick because that
gimmick is absolutely ruined and I blame that on the WWE creative team Bray why
Matt Hardy lose to the B team the B team your new role tag team champions moving
on if it couldn’t get any better if we couldn’t get any better
telling this paper was fucking horrendous if it couldn’t get any better
we had smiley Finn Balor smiley Finn leprechaun looking motherfucker Finn
Balor versus there and Corbin constable bear and Corbett Finn Balor comes out
smiling like a fucking retard or what the fuck he’s smiling about because he’s
absolutely buried he looks like a lost soul on fucking Monday Night Raw he
still hasn’t got his fucking universal rematch championship rematch right and
they haven’t been a meaningless match against Baron Corbin what is he smiling
about I don’t fucking know I honestly don’t know what the fuck finn bálor
smiling about Baron Corbin comes out with a fucking suit and tie in a fucking
vest I mean brother you’re you you’re going into a match okay you’re going
into a pay-per-view match against Finn Balor and you can’t put on some real
fucking trunks okay you can’t put on some real wrestling gear and come out
you got to come out on your corporate fucking vest and your suit and your
slacks and your shoes to fucking wrestle bro come on
nonetheless in another god-awful fucking match Finn Balor beats Baron Corbin with
a coup de Gras I mean where they roll up one two three horrible match I don’t
know where they’re going with Finn Balor where the fuck is the demon king I mean
this guy was former NXT champion carried NXT on his fucking back okay this is
this is another product of this fucking god-awful creative team moving on I mean
this show just kept getting better and better and better
we had carmella my god carmella versus Oscar
James Ellsworth up in a shark cage above the ring I mean I’ve seen all this
coming I’ve seen all this coming I knew there was gonna be a fuck finish and
somehow someway carmella is going to beat Oscar for the fucking third time
for the third time okay third time she is beating carmella I mean she has
beaten Oscar Oscar a woman that has went almost two years
undefeated okay four hundred and something days undefeated okay ran
through the whole and XC division ran through the whole WWE fucking raw
division and carmella beats her three four times four times carmella beat sir that myth the myth the legend the
undefeated streak Oscar is fuckin dead all the effort and
all the resources that Triple H put into Oscar and NXT
it’s absolutely fuckin ruined it is Oscar is buried alive you may as well
stick her in a fucking in a fucking hole and throw dirt on top of her and bury
her alive because that’s where she is right now
this match was probably the worst match of the night carmella vs. Oscar I mean
oh what else can’t that can I say about this match
James Ellsworth up in a fucking shark cage he’s up there he throws a fucking
chain I don’t know where the fuck he gets a chain from but he throws a chain
in the ring alright come brother’s gonna go use it Oscar stop sir the referee
takes the chain throws it away then James else’s thrown throws down
like some type of spray bottle down right and carmella once again is gonna
go use it and the referee gets the spray bottles away then somehow James
Ellsworth finds a fucking key out of nowhere finds a fucking key takes the
fucking lock lock off the key then some I don’t know what the fuck Evelyn he
ends up dangling from the fucking cage like his shirt or his shoe got caught on
the fucking cage and he’s dangling I’m like where the fuck is how the fuck do
you open this this fucking cage where the fuck do you get a key from why is he
dangling from the cage I don’t know where ask us they’re kicking Ellsworth
hanging upside down Carmela comes from behind Oscar runs Oscar into the fucking
cage one two three the match is over the most annoying part about this match is
fuckin Carmela screaming her fuckin screaming in the fucking match he sounds
so fucking pathetic in the match screaming like a fuckin
buffoon my god this match was fucking horrendous carmella wins beats Oscar for
the fucking fourth time people fourth time Oscar is dead her streak is over
and long gone I mean this woman I don’t know what the fuck Vince McMahon has
with Chinese wrestlers but man he doesn’t give them what time of day
nakamura gun buried and now oscar has felt the same raft of Vince McMahon and
his creative team Oscar’s dead and buried Carmela wins still unfortunately
your raw your Smackdown Women’s Champion moving on we had a match between
schinsky and Nakamura and Jeff Hardy Nakamura versus Jeff Hardy lasted five
seconds five seconds is the best we can do for this match a match that everybody
was looking forward to to seeing okay I understand why I went five seconds
because Jeff Hardy right now is dealing with injuries he’s dealing with a
pinched nerve in his neck and I think he’s dealing with a leg injury
so WWE doesn’t want him to go out there and risk further injury so they did a
five minute five second match with Nakamura and Jeff Hardy before the match
starts the referees turned around knocking more hits Jeff Hardy with a low
blow the referee sees Jeff Hardy on the floor
he’s asking what like what’s going on what happened Nakamura walks away not
sure not like nothing happened Jeff Hardy gets up King Shaw saw from Jeff
from Nakamura Nakamura pins him one two three Nakamura wins the United States
Champion now Nakamura is a new United States Champion I don’t know where Randy
Orton returns Randy Orton appears Nakamura runs out the ring gets on top
of the announce table Jeff Hardy is still knocked out trying to get up Randy
Orton goes up to Jeff Hardy and kicks him in the balls
kicks him in the balls stairs a hole through Nakamura walks away and the fans
are like why the fuck did Randy Orin just come and kick Geoff Hart in the
balls whose side is he on because the UH Nakamura side is he on Jeff Hardy side I
don’t know what the fuck Randy Orton’s doing back he’s a fucking human nyquil
bottle and now hopefully he’s probably gonna go once again try to go after this
u.s. title I mean I don’t think the US title
fits Randy Orton but maybe we’re gonna have no Orion versus Nakamura at
SummerSlam who knows I don’t know what the fuck to think anymore what’s fucking
creative team I really don’t know so um Nakamura beats Jeff Hardy new u.s. champ
moving on we have a match between Kevin Owens and braun strowman
I think this match had the best part of the show I did not like the match but
the ending of the match was probably the best best part of the show braun
strowman was kicking the living hell out of Kevin Owens
okay Kevin Owens I don’t like I don’t like how WWE’s Pro trained Kevin Owens
right now Kevin Owens is supposed to be a prizefighter right his fucking shirt
says fight anyone you know this man was the former universe champion probably
the best university inaudible UWA has seen yes clowns Brock Lesnar is not the
best university in’ okay he only defended the title maybe fourteen times
out of fucking a whole year Kevin Owens was a fucking much better fighting
champion than rock Lesnar so Kevin Owens they they’re portraying
Kevin Owens like he’s a fucking pussy okay he’s a fucking little pussy and
he’s scared of Quetta braun strowman okay the old kevin owens would have been
like come on motherfucker let’s fight I don’t like this Kevin
Owens that they portray me more like a little fucking pussy that he’s running
away from fucking Bronson left and right but nonetheless Kevin
Owens finds a finds handcuffs and handcuffs braun strowman to the steel i
mean to to the steel cage then kevin owens gives him the fucking DX fucking
sign right suck it says bye-bye to him
starts climbing up the cage all right out of nowhere braun strowman fucking
rips the fucking handcuffs off right Sarge climbing the cage with kevin owens
they both get to the top of the fucking cage braun strowman grabs kevin old by
the neck and choke slams him off the fuckin cage on top of a fucking announce
table one thing about kevin owens man he takes risks in the matches he takes life-threatening risks death-defying the
risk kevin owens takes and all the matches they has if it’s a table match
if it’s a fucking ladder match if it’s a fucking hell in the cell match if it’s a
cage match this man takes risks so braun strowman choke slams and off the cage on
top of the announce table Kevin Owens wins the match because obviously he
escaped the cage first but people were saying this was fucking
mankind jumping off the cage all over again the way that Kevin Owens landed on
that fucking table it fucking had to hurt I’m sorry I would not jump off the
case I will not let anyone throw me out the cage if I was him I mean he could
end his fucking career hopefully he didn’t suffer any injuries but man to
take a risk like that on top of a fucking cage you’re like fucking 20 50
100 feet in the air and you’re gonna get chokeslam off the fucking cage on top of
announce table Kevin Owens got some fucking balls and they need to start
booking Kevin Owens the right way because he got definitely a lots a lot
of kudos for taking a fucking move like that and exciting the crowd this was the
only exciting part of the match I mean another match of the fucking
pay-per-view when Kevin on got that got thrown off the fucking cage Kevin Owens
beats braun strowman because obviously braun strowman threw him off the cage
kevin was landed on the fucking floor first kevin owens beats braun strowman
in a mankind risk jumping off the cage landing on top of announce table moving
on we had another fucking horrific match the bludgeon brothers versus Daniel
Bryan versus Kane now way before this match even started the bludgeoned
brother attacked Daniel Bryan and Kane in the back they hit Kane with one of
their sledgehammers and injures his leg the match starts off with bludgeon
brothers versus just Daniel Bryan’s Daniel Bryan twin added with the
bludgeon brothers two-on-one in a handicap match I don’t know where Kane
comes out from the back where they fucking a cast on his leg limping like a
fuckin buffoon okay in the ring didn’t do nothing in the match okay
des des des they eliminate fucking came from the whole fucking match then they
double-team Daniel Bryan and the bludgeon brothers beat team hell no so
much for fucking team hell no and all this fucking high
everybody thought team hell no was gonna beat the bludgeoned brother hopefully I
pray to God that this is the end of team hell no and we do not see every match at
fucking SummerSlam because I do not want to see another rematch or another match
with team hell no Daniel Bryan needs to move on to bigger and better things they
need to take I don’t know why the fuck they put him in a tag team division a
tag team division that is fucking buried and dead already
okay but knowing WWE in this fucking great creative team that we have we’re
probably gonna see a rematch at SummerSlam frozen blood is the blood and
brothers versus team hell no once again you’ll see you’ll see mark my words that
will be a fucking match at SummerSlam and Daniel Bryan will now be in the main
event picture but blushing brothers beat team hell no and
still your Smackdown live Tag Team Champions moving on in a shocking
shocking shocking Robin reigns vs. Bobby Lashley their non main event did not
main event Extreme Rules this match you can hear fucking a pin drop you can hear
water drips you can hear silence in the crowd because this match was fucking
horrendous horrendous horrendous Bobby Lashley my god has just got horrible in
the ring and Roman reigns is not any better but these two guys definitely
need a leader in the ring because none of these two guys are leaders in the
ring and they definitely showed itself when these two guys locked horns last
night my god if I was to pick someone the moon this match obviously I was
gonna pick a Roman reigns because Vince McMahon loves that Samoan cock and he
pushes him to the fucking moon over the last four years but shockingly Bobby
Lashley beats Roman reigns now what does this do for Bobby Lashley is this gonna
put him in the mix to go at it with Brock Lesnar I hope not because I think
Brock lesner is gonna make Bobby Lashley the new mayor of suplex City
okay honestly Kurt Angle came out last night and said that if Brock listens
doesn’t show up on Monday Night Raw and explained himself that he’s basically
going to relinquish the title he’s gonna take the title off for him I think Brock
Lesnar is going to show up probably on Monday Night Raw or he is gonna show up
sooner than later and he’s gonna drop this title he is
gonna drop this title because I don’t think he wants to fight anybody
there’s nobody worthy to beat Lesnar right now you’re gonna make a magic
between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar this is gonna be Goldberg versus Brock
Lesnar at WrestleMania the first time that they fall it’s gonna be a god-awful
match and Roman reigns versus Brock Lesnar again do we really want to see
that match again I know I don’t and the WW universe doesn’t want to see
it neither this was a very very sloppy match I mean there was no offense in the
match I mean thank God this match is not main event even though the dolph ziggler
and Steph Rama’s match wasn’t a great match but this match if they would have
main event of this match and had Bobby Lashley and the fucking show I mean it
would have been horrendous horrendous this match was fucking horrendous Bobby
Lashley beats Roman reigns with a spear he beat him with a spear he beat from
ring his own move i sloppy spear at-bats okay it didn’t look like he got any full
impact on it but Bobby Lashley beats Roman reigns and a fucking sloppy sloppy
match that no one give two fucks about moving on now Jack versus Alexa bliss
another horrible match horrible match this match was all about Ronda Rousey
interfering in the match match ended I mean
Ronda Rousey comes out interferes gets her hands on fucking Mickie James beats
the shit out of Mickie James on the outside chase his um chases Alexa bliss
around the ring a few times cutting a a long story short because who really who
really wants me to fucking talk about this goddamn match Alexa bless DDT’s
nyah jacks on a fucking chair Alexa bliss wins Alexa bliss still you’re all
Women’s Champion who cares who fucking cares about this match we didn’t care
about this match at WrestleMania why would you give this match again at
Extreme Rules I thought we saw the end of a flexible
Asst and nyah jacks but no you got to give us to us again because WWE likes
repeating shit and last but not least Steph Rollins versus Dolph Ziggler like
I talked about it and the opening of this review there was seven pinfalls
seven fucking pinfalls it was way way over dude okay they came down to a tie
Kurt Angle comes out of nowhere says that we’re going to sudden death drew
McIntyre interferes again he interferes again I thought we were
gonna see Dean Ambrose come out and screw Steph Rollins you know I thought
we were gonna see Jason Jordan returned and screwed Steph Rollins you know there
was reports fuckin Hulk Hogan was in the back and he was gonna make an appearance
I don’t even care of Hulk Hogan what it came out there and what it fucking hit a
fuckin leg drop on step wrong it and cost him the fucking match it would have
been a fucking better ending than what the ending that we got last night you
know they could easily bring back Dean Ambrose and threw him into the storyline
and had him either help step Rollins or screw Steph Rollins and turn fucking
Dean Ambrose heel or you could have brung back Jason Jordan perfect time to
bring back Jason Jordan and put Jason Jordan with Steph Rollins no WW didn’t
do it they dropped the ball with this match everybody expect this match to be
way way way better than the matches that they had in the past it was a dirty man
Ironman a match that did not live up to the expectation it was way over dude
with the pinfalls and the ending of the pay-per-view and the ending of this
match was fucking horrendous one of the worst pay-per-views in WWE history
Extreme Rules 2018 was a complete waste of my time and probably about everyone’s
time the fans in the arena was not into any of the matches the Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania crowd was dead I’ve never heard a crowd dead like I heard last
night I mean this pay-per-view was fucking awful awful awful awful but
that’s gonna do it for your Extreme Rules review for this fucking horrible
horrific pay-per-view this has been squaring the circle I may see from New
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things that we saw last night Extreme Rules let me know what you guys think
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