WWE NEWS Seth Rollins To DETHRONE Brock Lesnar AT SUMMERSLAM! 2018 ? Squaring The Circle

WWE NEWS Seth Rollins To DETHRONE Brock Lesnar AT SUMMERSLAM! 2018 ? Squaring The Circle

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lot of news to cover in this video episode number 70 May 2nd
I’m sorry June 2nd I should say June 2nd I got my months all fucked up right now
June 2nd 2018 squaring the circle episode number 70 I got some news guys
on the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view Extreme Rules pay-per-view
that’s gonna be in Pittsburgh at the PPG arena the PPG arena website has possibly
spoiled the main event for the show I have some news on that for the main
events of Extreme Rules the pay-per-view after money in the bank I have some news
on Brock Lesnar Brock Lester and his current creative plan and his create a
current creative opponent for SummerSlam yes fans
I said SummerSlam not money in the bank and not Extreme Rules yes the universal
title that means nothing to Vince McMahon will be off a television and off
a pay-per-view television for the next three months until SummerSlam in August
pathetic but true I have some news on Brock Lester’s potential opponents I
also have news on Brock Lesnar and what is his status with the WWE is he gonna
leave to WWE is he going to UFC what is the plan with
Brock Lesnar which is gonna have to do a lot with SummerSlam card cuz if he’s
leaving he’s dropping the title if he’s staying he’s probably gonna stay the
universal champion so I have news on him about that I also have news
on Roman reigns the big dog the guy the Roman Empire the most overrated wrestler
of all the times like Santino of America Marilla will say all the times Roman
reigns I have some news on Roman reigns where was Roman reigns this past Monday
night where was he it wasn’t on Monday night and he brags
and brags that Brock Lesnar is never on Monday night but where was Roman reigns
this past Monday night I have some news aware with Roman reigns I also have news
on the great one The Rock The Rock will he ever wrestle another match in the WWE
I have news that you possibly will never ever wrestle another match for the WWE
but with that being said guys let’s get this show on the road episode number 70
the Extreme Rules pay-per-view coming up after money in the bank
the PBG arena web site have may have spoiled the main event and if they have
spoiled this main event and if this is the main event for Extreme Rules I think
a lot of the fans are gonna be very underwhelmed and I’m probably not even
gonna watch Extreme Rules if this is the fucking garbage that we’re gonna get at
Extreme Rules right off the bat we’re not gonna get Brock lesner he’s not
gonna offend the universal title so the universitat is gonna be off the fucking
picture and off the pay-per-view so now WWE wants to put on this type of
main events creatively because WWE has nothing for these wrestlers with this
horrible creative team we have on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown life it’s going
to be a cold branded pay-per-view which every pay-per-view is going to be
branded this year WW Extreme Rules is next is the next pay-per-view event
after money in the bank and it looks like WWE might already have an idea how
they’re going to book the July 15th event in Pittsburgh the PBG arena
website is currently listing a main event for the upcoming Extreme Rules
event as a six-man tag match a fucking six-man tag match if we haven’t seen
enough six-man tag matches on Monday Night Raw we’re gonna get a main event
at Extreme Rules as a six-man tag Wow if the website current match listing is
correct we should expect to see Roman reigns braun strowman and bobby lashley
braun strowman Roman reigns and Bobby Lashley to take on Kevin Owens Sami Zayn
and ginger Mahal in the final match of the card seeing how it is Extreme Rules
there is likely to be some kind of gimmick in play but it looks like this
is what they’re currently listing it should also be noted the website is
showing Daniel Bryan’s vs. big cash as well so a continuing feud between Kass
and Bryan is something in WWE Universe might be able to look forward to as well
are you fucking kidding me who wants to see big Cass versus Daniel Bryan again
because we’re gonna get it for a second time I’m money in the bank and now we’re
gonna get a third time and Extreme Rules then you’re gonna have a fucking six-man
tag match between Roman reigns braun strowman and bobby
lashley first of all why are white is Brahman reigns and Bobby why is Roman
reigns and braun strowman tenth teeth tag-team partners didn’t these guys rip
each other’s heads off like four months ago when they were in ambulance matches
and braun strowman ripping stages down and throwing it on top of roman reigns
and and fucking throwing him off loading docks why are these guys in a fucking
tag-team match together like they can co-exist or they’re best friends now the
logic that this w creative team has and things that were so fucking have fucking
died dementia or something the WD fans that’s what we do the creative team
thinks that wre fans have dementia and fucking completely forgot about the
fucking the slaughter that both of those guys went in the ring so we got Roman
reigns branched oh and Bobby Lashley is taking on Sami Zayn Kevin Owens and
ginger Mahal are you fucking kidding me nobody wants to see that match I hope
they fucking ticket sales go down for this pay-per-view I hope nobody shows up
at this Pittsburgh fucking PPG arena in Pittsburgh then you’re gonna have Daniel
Bryan versus big casts that feud is a complete bust nobody likes that feud and
on top of that I’m predicting that money in the bank once again there’s gonna be
no winner with the schinsky Nakamura and AJ Styles match it’s probably another
draw it’s going to be probably another draw this did this fucking feud is
probably gonna last all the way to SummerSlam so you’re not gonna have the
universal title at Extreme Rules you’re not gonna have the universitat money in
the bank so you got AJ Styles and Shinsegae Nakamura scheduled for money
in the back for the title match right so you’re gonna leave the title match off
of Extreme Rules don’t you think WWE gonna pull another
fuckin card and give AJ Styles and Nakamura another go at Extreme Rules and
have another type of stipulation now they’re gonna have a Last Man Standing
match at money in the bank what are we gonna have
extreme rules a fucking hell in the cell I mean come on
this match is not even a dream match anymore I don’t even want to see
Nakamura and fucking eejit Styles in the ring together anymore because every
match has been god-awful but if this is true and taken with a grain of salt
supposedly we’re gonna see Roman reigns braun strowman and bobby lashley versus
Kevin Owens Sami Zayn and ginger mom my god if you want to see volleyballs all
over the fucking arena that night come out and watch Extreme Rules because that
is gonna be a fucking horrible match moving on I have some news on Brock
Lesnar and it’s a potential opponent at SummerSlam
now there’s been speculation of who is brockless they’re gonna fight who is
worthy to fight Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam because he’s not gonna be at
money in the bank and we all know he’s not gonna come for Extreme Rules so who
is brockless they’re gonna face a lot of people are pointing to finger to staff
problems a lot of people are saying that Steph Rollins is gonna have the throne
Brock lesner people want to see Steph Rollins the Intercontinental Champion
versus Brock Lesnar Universal Champion title versus title at SummerSlam now do
I think that will be a great phenomenal match yes I do I think that will be a
phenomenal match but it’s tephra is worthy of beating Brock Lesnar
no he is not there is nobody on this planet and I don’t care what anyone says
about Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar has been booked as the most ultimate dominating
WWE Champion or Universal Champion of all time the most dominant wrestler of
time hey braun strowman couldn’t beat Brock Lester if somehow Joe couldn’t be
brought list if yes Roman reigns couldn’t be brought list if
the Undertaker he undefeated the undefeated streak was broken by Brock
Lesnar what makes you think that anyone is gonna think that Steph Rollins is a
worthy opponent for Brock list Brock Lesnar should walk away from the
WWE and leave them fuckin title in the middle of the ring and say his goodbyes
say I have conquered the WWE there is nobody in my fucking league I am leaving
the title and moving to UFC that’s what Brock Lesnar shit to that’s
what the WWE should book but obviously the WWE is not gonna do that because
whoever beats Brock lesner his stock is gonna go straight to the top straight to
the top so if WWE is gonna let Brock lesner walk
they want someone to beat him and put him on a plateau like this now don’t get
me wrong Steph Rollins is phenomenal okay he’s phenomenal but he’s not
fucking Brock Lester look at Brock list and look at step rocks
does anybody think that Steph Rollins has a fucking chance to beat Brock less
than a real wrestling match no Brock Lesnar would he eat him up and and spit
him out like he did the strowman like he did the fucking The Undertaker like he
did to everyone you’re gonna have wrong dead wrong and beat him and not only
hold the Intercontinental but hold the universe title as well I don’t think so
I don’t think so because then they’ll put Steph wrong as in this Plateau like
he can never be beaten because he beat the Beast
and they can’t it’s not gonna work it’s not gonna work
rock lesson is leave the WWE leave the title in the middle ring walk to the UFC
and then WWE has a tournament for the next Universal champion that’s what
should happen in my opinion the expectation is that brockless that will
make his next Universal title defense for the WWE at the upcoming SummerSlam
pay-per-view event according to a rumor from Kaede side seats Lesnar’s likely
opponent at this event is currently Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins
please keep in mind that this is just a rumor for now and that plan changed that
put that plans change all the time in the sports entertainment company the
SummerSlam pay-per-view event takes place on Sunday August 19th 2018 in the
Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York and will air on the WWE Network and
pay-per-view outlets both Raw and SmackDown brands will be featured so
Steph Rollins should be the next opponent for Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam
who would you like to see beat Brock Lesnar guys who would you guys like to
be see the next Universal champion leave me a comment comment below and let me
know I would love to hear you guys opinion who you guys think should be the
guy the man to beat Brock Lesnar and become the news Universal champion or
should Brock listen just walk away from the WWE and leave the title in the
middle of the Ring and start a tournament let me know what you think
what you guys think in the comments below if you guys will the current plan
for Brock Lesnar is for him to defend a universal Championship at SummerSlam on
August 19 Finbar in Brooklyn this is the this is the plan but it is still set is
not step set in stone as far as the UFC feature goes this this does if he does
not enter the UFC testing pool by June 30th then he is staying in WWE so Brock
Lesnar has up to June 30th to enter the testing pool for the UFC testing pool
being being tested for steroids as we all know Brock lesner got suspended for
steroid use for the UFC that’s what he jumped at WWE if he does enter the
testing pool by that date then it’s likely that he will be fighting by the
new year new years we can show the reason why the June 30th date is
critical is that he still needs to serve out the rest of his drug test suspension
from the UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt Lesnar is not a great negotiator spot
not not not a great negotiating spot because UFC needs more table drawers for
pay-per-views and WWE will be getting much more money from their Fox and NBC
universe universe TV deals so they do have money to spend than before if they
really want him to stay the obvious name although maybe not the best choice as
far as fans are considering to be Lesnar’s opponent is Roman reigns
however when Bobby Lashley was in talks to return to WWE the idea of the match
with Lesnar was on the table lastly has said publicly that he wants a
match with Lesnar also Bobby Lashley has been
as a possible opponent for Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam do you guys want to see
bobby lashley versus Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and have Bobby Lashley beat
Brock Lesnar and become the new Universal Champion are you fucking
kidding me Bobby Lashley may have been been the worst signing in WWE history Bobby Lashley is stale as fuck he is a
human nyquil bottle he is a charisma of vacuum Bobby Lashley will be the new the
new mayor of suplex City if he enters that ring with brockless so Bobby
Lashley cannot be the chosen want to be brought Lester he’s not even worthy to
be brought list he’s not even worthy to be in the same ring we’re brockless in
my opinion Bobby Lashley should have stayed in TNA should have never came to
WWE because he is making a complete fool of himself with his three sisters my god
that may have been the worst segment WWE history and I do not want to see bobby
lashley versus brockless no I don’t and if I do I want to see Brock less to chew
him up and spit him out like he’s done everyone else but the current plan is
for Brock lesner versus Steph Rollins Brock Lesnar has to June 30th to make a
decision if he’s gonna stay with the WWE or not now at SummerSlam if Brock Lesnar
obviously drops the title then he is going to UFC if he stays and we stays
the universal champion past SummerSlam then he is staying with the W title and
he’s gonna keep hostage the universal title that means nothing to WWE
obviously you can go to Toys R Us you can go to Toys R Us and buy a Universal
title for 50 bucks that’s what the W Universe title means to Vince McMahon it
means shit because you’re gonna keep one of the the
main titles off a pay-per-view for the three months I don’t think that’s
already been done in history a main title a main event title not be in a
pay-per-view for fucking three straight months my god does Brock lesner had WWE
by the fucking balls ridiculous moving on I have news on Roman reigns Roman
reigns where was Roman reigns this past Monday night hmm
did you guys miss Roman reigns this past Monday night was he gonna make the
fucking awful show that was Monday Night Raw better if he was there fuck no
because Roman reigns doesn’t move the needle
Roman reigns doesn’t make the show better he actually makes the show worse
so people are saying where was Roman reigns less past Monday night is his
stock finally fallen has WB finally given up on the Roman Empire as has he
lost his spot in the main card maybe that’s why he’s gonna face ginger Mahal
at money in the bank and not in the Money in the Bank ladder match well I
have some news on Roman reigns Roman reigns was missing on Raw this week and
plenty of people noticed we actually had a little bit a warning that he wouldn’t
be making the television show in Virginia but some fans were still taken
taken aback by his absence leading them to assume of their own
one fan tax Dave Meltzer if WWE had a reason for not bringing
Roman reigns to raw this week for another reason he axed the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter author if w/e was testing the waters to
see how would perform without Roman reigns Roman
reigns was just taking some time off after an incredible stressful time on
the road making towns all over the world therefore he axed WWE for time off so he
could be with his family and they granted his request
Dave Mauser noted on the Wrestling Observer radio that WWE sometimes it
makes their Superstars look when they do things like this
seeing how rains often begged about the fact that he doesn’t miss work but it
just seems to be the case of rains taking some time off for personal rest
and relaxation so don’t be worried that the Big Dawg is losing his place at all
because his story will be waiting for him when he comes back next week so
Roman reigns was just taking some time off just taking some time off to enjoy
with the family because he stressed out at work and with the road schedule but
this is the man is supposed to take over the throne for John Cena
really now so you need to take some time off I understand you want to be with
your family but Big Dawg if you’re trying to be the big dog like you say
you are in the WWE toughen it up and fucking work every day
like Cena does okay motherfucker tough it up but in Roman reigns defense guys
yes I’m defending him first time ever right here I’m scoring a circle first
time ever like WWE likes to say right and Roman reigns defense over the
fucking past week there was a so-called fan that went on social media and called
Roman reigns a sellout they called Roman reigns a piece of trash because he
saw Roman reigns at an airport and he acts Roman reigns for an autograph and
Roman reigns brushed him off and told him no told him no because he was with
his family and he was spending time with his daughter and feeding his son or vice
versa spending time with son and feeding his daughter whatever the case may be
and politely he said sir I don’t get enough time with my family please is not
the time right now I don’t want to sign your autograph I don’t want to give you
my autograph so the fan got mad and he just tore Roman reigns up on social
media called him a fucking sellout that he’s a piece of trash who does he think
he is blah-blah-blah-blah-blah Roman reigns took to social media on Sunday to
clear some gossip regarding a fan who claimed he turned away a little girl who
wanted to take an autograph with the WWE Superstar the fan wrote he told he told
a ten year old little girl to lose it and not and you’re not paying attention
Roman reigns said you’re not paying attention
reigns replied with the following tweet first of all it was a grown-ass man that
approached me while I was feeding my son’s breakfast and taking and talking
to my daughter before I could finish saying I’m sorry but I don’t get much
time with my family he stormed off called me a sellout that’s the truth get
your gossip right so it wasn’t a grown man it wasn’t a little girl it was a
fucking grown man and this girl man is a fucking complete buffoon complete
buffoon for going off on social media like this on Roman reigns
I don’t blame Roman reigns okay if he’s getting some time off he wants to spend
that time with his family okay I don’t I just don’t understand
these people I don’t understand these people like they see someone that a
fucking hotel room or they see someone at a airport and they want to go up to
these people and bother them bother them and accent for an autograph put yourself in Roman reigns’s shoes
okay in his defense okay you’re working a fucking horrible schedule when it
comes to WWE you’re flying from town to town every day every night flying to
Saudi Arabia flying to fucking London coming back to fucking Florida going to
New York going to Washington going to st. Louis
going to Chicago going back to fucking Saudi Arabia
it’s fucking grueling but that’s what Roman reigns signed up for right but
when you get some time off you want to spend it with your family and if you see
a wrestler with their family especially with their little daughter and son
they’re doing something activity with them that they don’t get much time with
why would you go and bother that celebrity I was at the airport going
home from New Orleans at WrestleMania I was at the airport and I saw all the NXT
stars getting off the plane flying back to Florida and I saw Johnny Gargano
standing right next to me I saw Tommaso Champa I saw ec3 I saw fucking distri
prophets I saw a lot of the NXT talent I didn’t go up to not one of them not one
of them an accident for the autograph because I don’t like to be in that
situation because if I get brushed off I mean I’m not gonna like it but I’ll
respect that he brushed me off but I just don’t want to be in that situation
I’m not that type of person I even saw the nasty boys the nasty boys were at
the fucking home Brian nas and Jerry sagres all nasty boys they were in the
airport and I didn’t go up to them and give say hey man can I get an autograph
nothing cuz I don’t want to bother him the man could even fucking walk he was
getting put in chair to go down to his fucking tunnel I
think I want to bother him no I don’t want to bother him so these people that
fucking wait outside of a hotel room stalking these wrestlers or these
celebrities to try to get a moment with them or stalk them at an airport that
they know they’re flying in and wait for them to come out and stalk them those
people or call fucking a hotel and say Sasha banks gonna be in this hotel room
at what time she’s checking in what the fuck get a life people please get a
fucking life that is just creepy as shit and I would hate that so Roman reigns
defense Roman reigns did the right thing if you’re sitting
now with your family and trying to feed your little daughter and talking to your
son and a fan comes up to you I will brush
him off too in a polite way like he did but for this fan to go just shit all
over Roman reigns on social media make him look like a fucking dickhead is
uncalled for by the fans and that fan is a fucking idiot in my opinion
moving on The Rock The Rock will the rock ever wrestle another WWE match a
lot of fans want to see the rock back the rock was supposed to come back at
for the Ronda Rousey tag team match but he couldn’t make it
at WrestleMania they had to put someone else in his in his spot and that was
Kurt Angle plan number two because plan number one didn’t work the rock couldn’t
get off a Hollywood stick and comb wrestling match but WWE will have a lot
of money to play with once their new television deals kicking
kicking meaning that they could pay top dollar for expendable talent but it
doesn’t look like fans will be seeing a return of the rock anytime soon for
number of reasons Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer radio that aside from
89 seconds intercom encounter with like like when he took out Luke Harper at
WrestleMania 32 it doesn’t look like the rock will be wrestling again after all
ww tried to get dwayne johnson to come in for wrestlemania 34 and tag with
Ronda Rousey against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon but that didn’t work
out and the great one couldn’t even make the show of shows because he was
promoting another project there’s much there’s too much money for him Melser
continued he got hurt he had a hernia the year before the tear the hamstring
here before he tore a hamstring so it’s like he’s been getting hurt in his
matches already when he got hurt once you go it’s one time but when
you’re getting hurt a lot it’s probably not a good idea especially as getting
older as a muscular as he is he went on explaining how the rock still loves WWE
so nobody can say 100% that he won’t wrestle again but at this point there
seems to be some exhausting factor that might keep him from lacing up his boots
once again as Dwayne Johnson named because becomes bigger and bigger the
rock even was wrestling’s fans will always pride for his return to the ring
he was electrifying in entertaining and entertaining an entire generation during
his amazing run with WWE but at this point Johnson’s
other commitments and the amount of money
movie movie studios have on the line when it comes to him staying healthy
seems to be any kind of actual return for the rock if the factor in the on
nobility truth that everyone gets older and the rock is 46 then he has another
reason why it might only be possible for fans to see him in action on the silver
screen for now so the rock he got hurt his last two matches with Cena at
WrestleMania he did a skid with Luke Harper and he got hurt again
the rock has a lot of insurance clause with the width on Hollywood right now
he’s got he’s a busy busy man he doesn’t need a WWE but the fans want the rock
back in WWE some type of way maybe he can come back as a general manager of
raw or something but III hardly doubt that because he can make more money in
Hollywood one fucking one fucking movie that he makes will fucking probably pay
him what he will make a whole fucking year in WWE for two years
whatever the case may be he makes more money in Hollywood his demand is more on
Hollywood he’s got movies out every fucking week
okay the rock doesn’t need to come back to WWE why is the doctor coming back to
WV and take someone’s spotlight away I don’t want to see the rock anymore the
rock had his time if he’s gonna come back he needs to come back and be
inducted to the Hall of Fame and that’s it if the rock comes back he’s gonna
take a WrestleMania spot from somebody else that deserves it
I know he is a draw I know he sells the t-shirts I know he’ll sell tickets but
for the future of the company it’s not a good thing to have the rock back maybe
the rock just says that’s it retires it’s put in the Hall of Fame and
that’s that because the rock right now if he gets injured and works a match in
WWE and then he can’t commit to his Hollywood
roll it’s gonna be bad for Hollywood it’s gonna be bad for the rock so the
rock just needs to stay in Hollywood and just continue those movies in then we
come into the W Hall of Fame where’s open arms and that will be that
I don’t want to see the rock back who do you want to see the rock fight if he
comes back I’m sure there’s many many dream matches let me know in the
comments below guys let me know who would you like to see if the rock does
come back and wrestle another match who would you want to see the rock face let
me know in the comments below but that’s gonna be it for squaring the
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  1. Shinsuke vs Roman reigns

    Thats what we need to see. No one wants to see shinsuke low blow styles… however for roman that maybe entertaining. However shinsuke is better on the mic than roman reigns… which is sad as fuck. It will go with the cringe factor creative has been putting on. I missed when it was cheesy instead of cringey.

  2. This ain't gonna happen but I wanna see Finn Balor being booked worth a damn and see Lesnar vs. Demon Balor for the title. Beast vs. Demon man…

  3. It would be really good for The Rock to take his opportunity to retire from WWE so it can help him keep from getting hurt in another WWE match. Besides guy is a Hardcore Legend anyway

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