WWE News Undertaker @Summerslam 2019/Corey Graves Shames Kevin Owens/Injured WWE Wrestlers Returning

WWE News Undertaker @Summerslam 2019/Corey Graves Shames Kevin Owens/Injured WWE Wrestlers Returning

Here’s is your news for July 29 2019 We’re starting off with some Hall of
Famer news today, as 7 time WWE
Women’s Champion Trish Stratus has been confirmed for the
upcoming SmackDown Live. The legendary Superstar will be
appearing in Memphis for a special
edition of Kings Court with Jerry Lawler and though Stratus has been rumored
to face Charlotte Flair at Summerslam, it’s the SmackDown Women’s Champion
Bayley who is calling the Canadian out,
saying: “I don’t know how many times I have to
say that I want to elevate this division.
That just doesn’t mean the future,
which is Ember Moon at SummerSlam, that means the present, the past, I want
it all. I want to be the best and I want
to give everybody a chance to see what
this division can be.” ”So I’m reaching out to you, Trish
Stratus.Even though you didn’t answer
my tweet, that’s okay, I forgive you I’ll just bother you in a text or
something. But honestly, in all
seriousness, it would be a dream
come true and it would just elevate this
championship to where I want it to be,
to where it needs to be, to where it
deserves to be. So Tuesday, Trish, I’m calling you out. … Trish
Stratus, the past, the present, and
the future. Let’s hang out, Tuesday,
okay?” A match between two of the most
popular female Superstars of all time, though it seems only time will tell
whether these two champions
lock horns in the future. Staying with WWE now, and as one
of the leading voices in WWE, it’s clear
that Corey Graves is a busy man. This week the self-proclaimed savior
of misbehaviour was so busy, he
didn’t have the time to watch company’s special SmackVille event
live, instead watching it in the
morning with his kids. Proving the old saying that kids say the
darndest things, Graces daughter
referred to one superstar as “tiny guy” and whilst there’s no shortage of
smaller Superstars found on 205 Live,
she was actually referring to Kevin
Owens. The former Universal Champion has
been a lot of things in WWE, though
we’re sure even he wouldn’t admit to
being a tiny guy, and it’s pretty adorable that he’s
seen this way by Graves’ daughter. It may also mean that is is time for the
Monday Night RAW Commentator to
spring for a bigger Television. Graves took to Twitter to share what
had been said, and got a reply from
former WWE Superstar Lance storm who asked whether Owens was facing
the Big Show, which is probably the
only way that the Prize fighter would
look tiny
  Speaking of commentators, it’s been
less than a year since Renee Young
became a full time member of the RAW announce team,
but that tenure has not been easy. From her very first week, Young received
a barage of criticism from fans, and has
taken to Twitter to address her
detractors. Whilst this unsurprisingly led to more
negativity in her comments section, Young did receive plenty of support
from both fans ans Superstars alike. Nia Jax, Paige and Natalya all came to
Young’s defence as it seems that the
Canadian commentator is certainly popular with the fans, even
if she’s not with some of the fans. More news from Twitter now, and while
many WWE feuds have used the
social media platform to elevate their story, one new feud has
certainly got fans talking. Recently, Lacey Evans and Alundra
Blayze have been kicking off in a major
way, after the Sassy Southern Bella referred to the former Madusa, and all
the legends who appeared on RAW
Reunion as “yesterday’s nasties.” This certainly didn’t sit right with
Blayzewho told Evans she’d be lucky
to ever be considered a legend, and that she was a failure in the
military, referring to Evans’ past in
the U.S. Marines. Continuing, Madusa held nothing back,
claiming that Evans was forcing her
husband and daughter to come see her perform, and that
Mr. Evans wanted Lacey to be
more like Blayze. Recently though, Blayze has asked
fans to let RAW Executive Director
Paul Heyman know she is open for a match with the Sassy Southern Belle,
as it seems a match between the two
could be in the cards. Madusa hasn’t wrestled in a one on
one match since 2000, but did appear at last year’s all-female Pay Per View
Evolution, where she competed in
a Battle Royal. If WWE is open to bringing Blayze back
for one more match, it could be at the
upcoming all-women’s edition of SmackDown Live on FOX
on November 1st. That same day, the
male Superstars will be in Saudi Arabia so the women will definitely have time
to showcase their abilities, and a match between Evans and the
former WWE 24/7 Champion could
happen this November. From SmackDown to RAW now as
United States Champion AJ Styles was
interviewed by Sporting News this week, and had plenty to say about the fans.
When asked about what he thought of
Seth Rollins defending WWE on Twitter, the Phenomenal One said he totally
understood where the Architect was
coming from, saying: “We’re out there doing trying our best to
entertain everyone to the best of our
ability. It’s not easy to do that and then you want to be arm-chair
quarterbacks.” Carrying on, Styles made a very valid
argument about people criticising
WWE, claiming: “If these guys who want to criticize
wrestling were so good at what they do,
they’d have a job in the wrestling
business. But they don’t. They rely on what
someone else has said and whether or
not they agree with that. They pick and
choose what they like.” It’s safe to say that Styles is in a pretty
good place in WWE right now, holding the
United States title as well as leading the
OC into battle. With so much going his way, it seems the
former WWE Champion feels comfortable
calling out some fans, many of whom have hated something before
giving it a chance. When the 24/7 title was
revealed earlier this year, fans quickly hated on both the physical
belt and the concept, though it has gone
on to become one of the most
entertaining parts of WWE programming. Based on Rollins’ and Styles’ reactions
recently, it is clearly frustrating to deal
with fans seemingly determined to hate everything WWE does
no matter what, though we can’t see
this attitude changing, and until it does, the Superstars and the
company as a whole will just have to
develop a really thick skin. Unfortunate news coming from NXT this
way, as one of the brand’s Superstars
Karen Q suffered a broken leg this week in tag team action. Teaming with Bianca
Blair, the pair faced Rhea Ripley and
Reina Gonzalez during an event in
Atlanta, when the injury occurred. As soon as the
injury was spotted, referrees quickly threw
up the dreaded X gesture, indicating that the match needs to be ended immediately,
and it was after Belair scored a quick
pinfall victory for her team. Carried backstage by referrees and other
personnel, Karen Q would take to social
media to confirm the bad news, saying: “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to finish
the#NXTRoadTrip,” Karen wrote. “I’m so
proud of the matches Ihad this weekend
and I’m grateful to have the best family, friends and coworkers!” She continued,
“My leg is broken, but I’ll be back!
Thanks to all who have reached out and
showed me love #HoldMyDrinkIllBeBack.” It’s always terrible to see a Superstar
get injured, especially one trying to
make a name for themselves in NXT, so we here are sending all our best to
Karen and hope she gets better soon. Well as one young career hits a road
block, we’re looking at a legend now,
as rumors of The Undertaker appearing at Summerslam continue
to circulate. Recently, the former World
Champion was reportedly scheduled
to face Drew McIntyre, a Superstar Undertaker had request
personally according to rumors, but it
seems plans have changed. Though an appearance by the
Deadman would be great at the biggest
party of the Summer, the current rumor is that the Phenom
will not be appearing at the show,
despite being locally advertised for
the event in Toronto. This wouldn’t be the first time that the
WWE has advertised something
and not delivered, as Universal Champion Brock Lesnar
was recently advertised for this past
week’s RAW Reunion, but never showed. Whether the Deadman will appear at
the Summer tradition remains to be seen,
but right now, it doesn’t look good for
fans of the Phenom. Though the Undertaker may not be
appearing at the pay per view, there
are still plenty of huge matches already announced for Summerslam,
and according to the wrestling Observer
Newsletter, there are plenty more
rumored. According to the Newsletter, the WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champions the
IIconics could defend their titles once
again against the Kabuki Warriors after
retaining the gold via controversial
means recently on SmackDown Live. The report by the Observer has also
suggested there is a possibility of
Monday Rose and Sonya Deville being
added to the match, and with two very game tag teams
against them, it seems the IIconics
days as champions are numbered. Speaking of tag teams, there will be
plenty of tag gold on the line at
the show, as the same report has suggested RAW
Tag Champions the Revival will face the
Usos at the show, though this may have changed due to
Jimmy Uso’s recent arrest last week. The new SmackDown Tag Team Champions
the New Day could also be putting
their gold on the line, this time against Elias and Samoa Joe.New
Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke
Nakamura is still without a match for
the event, Regardless of what happens, Summerslam
is shaping up nicely, as it seems that the
Scotiabank arena in Toronto Ontario Canada is the place to
be for the biggest party of the Summer. We’ve got news from Tommaso Ciampa
now as the former NXT Champion hasn’t been seen on TV since being
forced to vacate the gold due to an
injury. In case you didn’t know, Ciampa’s
incredible 237 day reign as champion came to an end after he suffered a neck
injury, but it seems the black heart may
be back sooner than later. According to an internal leaked report by WWE, Ciampa’s expected to return to the
ring in August , six months after his last match where he teamed with Johnny Gargago as part of
the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic. It should be noted though that this report
is still subject to change, as the company doesn’t want to take any chances by having Ciampa return
too soon, especially after popular stars like Daniel Bryan and Paige were forced
to retire due to similar injuries. Though it may still be a while before
Ciampa holds his goldie once again,
the former champion does seem
optimistic, recently telling fans that he went for a
tan for the first time since his neck
surgery, and didn’t feel any pain. After such an incredible tenure in NXT,
there’s the chance that Ciampa will be promoted to the main roster once he
returns, as the Blackheart is seemingly ready to
dush out his unique brand of punishment
on the entire WWE roster. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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