WWE official explains why he stopped the Hell in a Cell Universal Title Match: WWE’s The Bump

WWE official explains why he stopped the Hell in a Cell Universal Title Match: WWE’s The Bump

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  1. Didn’t Triple H hit Vince with a sledgehammer in the 2 On 3 handicap match when it was DX vs Vince/Shane and Big Show? Yea and there was no stoppage and that was also a Hell in a Cell Match, just saying.

  2. In the 22 history of the hell in the cell not one hell in a cell match as been stop and mankind vs the taker would of been stop to if they didn't let it go on

  3. Really Questionable ending, ruined the reputation of both men In that match.But i'll forgive Rod Zapata……. as long as he gets me a Nando's (It's a Will Ospreay reference for any casual fans down here in the comments section)

  4. If this is the case, then throw the whole match concept and PPV away. “It’s 2019…” Gargano and Cole threw themselves off a cage just a couple months ago, but the referee didn’t stop that match. 🤷🏾‍♂️



  6. Not the first HIAC main event in Hell in the Cell that ended in a unfashionable way.

    2010 – A beam of light blinded the Undertaker from Paul Bearer's urn which gave the victory to Kane

    2014 – A hologram of Bray Wyatt cost Dean Ambrose the win against Seth Rollins

    2016 – The botch towards the end of Charlotte vs. Sasha that the table didn't break

    2018 – Brock's Double KO on Roman Reigns & Braun Strounman

    2019 – The ref called the match because Seth went "Too Far" on The Fiend

    "It's 2019." What a convincing retort…. NOT!!!!

  7. This is fake. Refs check the wrestlers fingers if they move then on touch or not to make sure they are ok and NOT just call for the bell.

  8. WWE should be ashamed of themselves wwe has never been the same since the rock stone cold and the whole attitude era… i been watching wwe for over 22 plus years and i can says this was trash it looked fake it pissed everyone off this is why you lose fans after the brock lesnar kofi kingston thing as if nobody can beat brock lesnar hes not even more dominate than goldberg was. AEW matches are better than this WWE get it together.

  9. There is a difference between stopping a match or ending a match , stopping the match is hitting the pause button, ringing the bell is ending a match. The referee rang the bell

  10. One report I'm not sure but think it was ring side sheets, has said Bray was knock out and did come out off the match injured. When the ref didn't get a response from Bray he called the match and that's why the cage was lifted fast and the emt was rushed in.

  11. Did they know that bray Wyatt the fiend was awake when they remove the ladder and the chair and the toolbox like what the crowd said HES OK

  12. Look WWE your forgetting one thing and that's how much brutal moments hell in a cell had and no DQ I mean a sledgehammer really WWE Seth Rollins can get DQ from that and DX can't if the people know the match from hell in a cell Cody Rhodes, Ted diabese Vs DX when triple h hit Ted's face with the sledgehammer and your saying that didn't count Smh go learn about your history WWE

  13. Safety huh???? Safety huh???? What about that match in Wcw where an actual HELL IN A CELL CALLED ELECTRIC CHAIR MATCH HUH SAFETY HUH WHERE YOU ALMOST KILLED ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER

  14. This? This is their idea of damage control? Hahaha, good grief. Just when you think they couldn't possibly get MORE out of touch.

  15. Wait that was a long time ago did he really just say that OK! Is their DQ in the Elimination Chamber is their DQ In WAR GAMES is their DQ in the Punjabi Prison NOPE! Evan in just a regular cage NOOO!!!

  16. Ok let’s say this when Shane McMahon jumped off Hell In A Cell twice in the matches with Undertaker and Kevin Owens and had a bad landing drove on his head that high their always was a bunch of REFS did they ever stop the match no it ended how it was supposed to end with pin fall or submission and those matches ended in pin fall so yeah the refs never stopped the match never DQ the match ITS HELL IN A CELL!!! You can’t stop The or DQ the match PERIOD!!!

  17. "This is 2019" or "competitors' safety" doesn't fly with me at all when HHH and Batista's No Holds Barred match this past WM was more violent than the HIAC main event.

  18. "This is 2019" or "competitors' safety" doesn't fly with me at all when HHH and Batista's No Holds Barred match this past WM was more violent than the HIAC main event.

  19. Every once in awhile Vince has to show how out of touch he is from the fan base. You know when RAW is at its peak? When Hunter and Paul Heyman are making the decisions

  20. 2019? Huh…I can make excuses too WWE. This doesn't help your arguement about a wrestlers safety if he's able to get up and give a mandible claw, 2 sister Abigails and another mandible claw…it boggles the mind

  21. Who is that sell out who is talking about 2019? So you became stupid in 2019? cheezzz. What a bunch of lies. This was Vinces decision, that's it.

  22. And this is scripted sports. So you can get what you want. But you fail to deliver. Watch Aew. They will never treat fans, like WWE. WWE treats us like morons.

  23. There was a time when wrestler used to have shiver down their spine when they where about to wrestle in matches like Hiac, Elimination chamber,steel cage etc and now a days they make for the first time ever for women's division makes me cringe Everytime.
    Don't mean to be rude but this types of matches should be very brutal instead of having mats to cover the steel in a chamber match.

  24. when bray wyatt attack seth then why they didnt stop……………..read this plz and answer…………read and answer……….

  25. Ahahahaa what a lame attempt to reconcile the stupid decision made by creative for the ending of that match. Absolutely cringeworthy.

  26. No matter what that idot says wwe / just jan 4 wcw finger poked of doomed us in the 2019 hell in a cell period . How the F__ do you get DQ in a ( ANYTHING) goes match !

  27. Who ever is booking matches and writing for wwe needs to have a wake up call. This is punishing fans away. Its a show a fake entertainment show we now but dont try to sell us BS and call it bread

  28. lol Sending these three clowns/stooges out on a show to try to smooth things over the fact that they made an asshat choice… This will sit even better with the WWE fans… NOT !

  29. Seriously, imagine Vince not being able to screw Bray over, Bray go to AEW, Vince has already shown he has no idea what hes doing and is willing to run the company into the ground.

  30. WWE dude you guys need to get yourself together now stopping the match in a freaking cell I have been a fan when I was 8 years old and I never seen such bullcrap in my life mankind got thrown off the roof of the cell Shane McMahon jumped off and rikishi did the same and the match still carried on sorry for my language but you pissed off alot of people in the world and if the people in the comments agree you got 2 option 1 make a world wide apology or 2 your going to lose your fans

  31. I think people forget about KayFabe. This was indeed a pre-booked matched. Although it was a poor booking, it doesn't change the fact that this is only one of many Fiend and Seth Rollins matches. They are creating a story arch with The Fiend, Seth Rollins and probably even the Referee. This, "WORST MATCH EVER" and "I'M GOING TO AEW" is extremely short-sighted. I have faith in the WWE creative writing team that this is a pre-meditated and very purposeful outcome for the match.

  32. Glad I canceled my wwe subscription. Bought my first AEW shirt on Wednesday, got to see new talent like Darby Allen and Riho…that's how it starts…

  33. I hate how WWE tries to make Wrestling looking like a real sport, it's Wrestling for the love of God, that's the point

  34. Hey guys like this this is the funniest comment here I go you know what happens when you end the hiac match stoppage huh you know happens? mr overprotective ref so WWE official rod Zapata
    *writes rod Zapata name down" like this comment 🤣🤣

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