WWE Planning NEW JAPAN TALENT RAID?! New Japan Want Shinsuke Nakamura! | WrestleTalk News July 2018

WWE Planning NEW JAPAN TALENT RAID?! New Japan Want Shinsuke Nakamura! | WrestleTalk News July 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. And just in case you didn’t catch the announcement
at the start of this video – because you were too busy thinking: who is that guy? Haven’t
I seen him before? Maybe with, like, a literal and metaphorical crown on that’s been snatched
from his head?! – WrestleTalk will indeed be taking on Cultaholic in a SummerSchlam
predictions war… where the losing team has to do a live onstage punishment at September’s
Wrestling MediaCon weekend in Manchester, England. Click the link in the video description
below to get your tickets now. Good luck, Cultaholic. Because while you might
have a man advantage, we’ve got an El Fakidor. And he kind of counts as, like, three people,
because of all the identity fraud. He’s so trustworthy.
Speaking of interpromotional wars… …New Japan’s Tama Tonga has decided WWE’s
Roman Reigns is to blame for him getting locked out of Twitter. Seemingly only because Reigns
joked about it happening, and that Tama Tonga’s insane, and he does whatever he wants.
“Got the #Snitch. Your bark can’t seem to get OVER your Yard for me to hear you.
My yard has no fences, come test your skills here anytime. “Jealousy is a bitch trait”-
what album is that from? #RomanTheRat” I actually doubled your lil videos views for
you in like 4 hours. You should be thankful. Thanks for the laughs tho! 👍🏽🤙🏽”
Thanks for time keeping and view counting, must be looking for new material…writers
gave up on you? If you need more laughs just continue fist cocking, it gets funnier every
time. It doesn’t, Tama. It doesn’t get funnier.
And that’s not where the New Japan / WWE tension stops, as the latest Wrestling Observer
Newsletter is reporting WWE officials have “great interest” in current IWGP United
States Champion Juice Robinson. Robinson captured New Japan’s US belt in
a star-making match against Jay White earlier this month, where he’s become a solid mid-card
act in the promotion over the last year. The Observer adds that “A number of New Japan
regulars actually aren’t under contract… so legally WWE can approach them without it
being tampering. Others it has to be more nuanced, but they are making plays right now.”
But while WWE wants Juice Robinson… …Juice Robinson doesn’t want WWE.
Robinson spent four years in NXT as CJ Parker, where he was mainly used as an enhancement
talent, leading him to request his release in 2015. Which is probably why he said this
in response to the reports at last night’s G1 Show:
“I ain’t going back. I ain’t ever going back… you can take that and shove it up
your ass.” So if New Japan stars don’t want to go back
to WWE… what about WWE stars going back to New Japan?
Wrestling Observer Radio recently pointed out that AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Luke
Gallows and Karl Anderson’s WWE contracts all expire early next year, with all four
men signing three year deals back in 2016 after jumping ship from New Japan following
WrestleKingdom 10 – and apparently New Japan has “absolute interest” in bringing back
Nakamura, one of their most popular stars from recent times.
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  1. Let's be honest. Since they lost Blampied, cultaholic needs wrestletalk a lot more than wrestletalk needs cultaholic… LOL

  2. Really wish WE would focus on figuring out what to do with talent before looking looking to pull more just to screw with the competition. So much incredible talent is completely wasted in that company.

  3. I don't know this guy's name but he is the precise reason i no longer watch a single video from cultaholic(or however it is supposed to be spelled), but it's ok, not like they'd care about losing me as a viewer

  4. oli.. im a sexual wank pheasant of the swaft nation ..ross ssor.. noitan tfaws eht fo tnasaehp knaw lauxes a mi ..ilo

  5. He really just went there with "bitch"? If you're reading this Cult-a-holic, as a student of psychology , I gotta say…name calling is a TEXTBOOK show of weakness. You're going down!!! WrestleTalk forever.

  6. He'll either end up going back or get pushed to the moon and a bigger contract either way a win for shinsuke

  7. I can picture it now cultaholic has wrestletalk on the ropes when hope seems bleak in enters Paul Taylor and Gavin duenas to save the day book it Vince

  8. I hope you F*UK them up… you guys are 1,000 times better… no luck for them. Cultaholic screwed Cultaholic

  9. I doubt AJ Styles would leave. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows should consider going back NJPW had more of a plan for them than the WWE. I hope Nakamura leaves and goes back to NJPW. His charisma has been watered down so much since his takeover match with Sami Zayn and he hasn't really had any memorable matches other than the Sami Zayn Takeover match. I don't think his age should play a factor cuz he's only 38 and Minoru Suzuki is 50 and still kicking ass in NJPW.

  10. Bruh im high and seeing ross at the beginning really fucked my head up thinking i miss clicked bc i wasn't paying attention yet

  11. Finn balor, nakamura and gallows and anderson needs to go back to NJPW. Vince decided to gave the wwe title to a jobber instead of international stars like nakamura and balor. Only AJ had a better treatment but should be booked way better

  12. wwe always want to buy all the great wrestling from other promotions and as soon as they get them. They shove them into a box until they become nothing but a shell of their former selves… notice as soon as a wrestler leave wwe they found success.. wwe is a joke. They cant even manage the amazing stars they have now. 🙄🙄

  13. Let's go wrestle talk…….fuck you cultaholic Let's go wrestle talk…….fuck you cultaholic Let's go wrestle talk…….fuck you cultaholic Let's go wrestle talk…….fuck you cultaholic Let's go wrestle talk…….fuck you cultaholic

  14. I stood by and watched as Luke was held captive and did nothing and when that dastardly el fakadoor tricked old olie on that goose chase i sad nothing but I’ll be damed if I’m going to stand by and listen to some former king jackass talk shit on my homies olie Luke and the now totally cool el fakadoor fuck that I support wrestle talk not them limey cult ahead dicks over on the other channel this is my shit right here

  15. Take the strong style waste of time, bag him up with the LGBT no carbs little guy, and tack on the two bald twins in skulls and send them back.

  16. Shinsuke is fine on WWE. I’d like to see the Goodbrothers go back to Japan. WWE isn’t doing anything with them. They only show up on WWE Live. They should have already captured the SD live Tag Team Championships. But instead we’re having New Day shoved down our throats. I like New Day But they’re becoming a bit annoying seeing them every night.

  17. WWE won't let NJPW take Shinsuke Nakamura it because Nakamura is more need in WWE than NJPW…. So NJPW can say bye bye to Shinsuke Nakamura.

  18. 99% of Nakamura is odd goofy cringeworthy acting and 1% nut punching.

    Let him leave. Fuck it. Who gives a shit?

  19. I can see Carl and Anthony going back. They've been booked horribly in WWE since they got back. I haven't been excited about them not once, and that's disappointing. 😖

  20. Is the person who was in the intro used to be King Ross and did WTF report on Raw and SmackDown for WhatCulture but end up leaving that place. All the people who left were not idiots like the new people are. WhatCulture sucks because too many idiots. What done it for me not seeing their crap is when they did a video on bands that song made them good but they are bad bands and they listed 10 good bands for being bad.

  21. Give him back to new japan. Your fucking with his career with shit storylines and just proving that your writers ruin wrestlers and only support "superstars"

  22. WWE has taken one of the legends from japan and made him a regular joe. Even telling him and styles to slow their role in mania

  23. Nakamura really should go back. WWE have really dropped the ball on him, and it's sad. Back at NJPW, he'll be used much better, though I'm sure he'll be jobbing most of the time for new talent. Still, he'll be made to look much better than an undeserving mid-carder like WWE has made him look.

  24. I think a while back, AJ said as long as he can still go at a high level, he'd like to keep working for WWE, & Karl sometime even further back said he likes being able to see his family every week, so I think at least those 2 (& Gallows, lol) will stick around.

  25. I'm so sick and tired of all these fake " wrestling fans " of njpw njpw isn't anywhere near as good as wwe no wrestling company is for that matter and that is a fact not an opinion but a fact and I'm tired of everyone acting like Kenny omega is god when he is average at best there is a reason he got fired from ovw that's cuz he isn't good enough to be a true star never has been and never will be the only true star njpw have is Cody Rhodes and that's only cuz wwe made him so all of you fake fans need to shut up and deal with that fact that wwe is the best wrestling company on the planet and the best one that there ever will be and btw Roman is the best wrestler in the world and that is also a fact end of discussion

  26. 🤙🏽 “shaka” (pronounced shah-kah) emoji. Polynesians use the “shaka” as a way to say “what’s up?”

  27. Can Cultoholic and WrestleTalk hijack the main-event of Roman Reigns vs Lesner at SummerSlam? Please fans please. It would be funny as hell to have chants for Cultoholic, WrestleTalk, for Ross and others, while Reigns and Lesner ask them self what the fuck is going on in the crowd. Please see my message guys.

  28. Send him back please. Only so many knees you can do. Most of these Japanese guys are boring as fuck. Take asuka back too

  29. Considering how poorly Nakamura has done in WWE, I do think he should go back. But he is happy in WWE so…. it’s worthy of discussion.
    Gallows and Anderson definitely should go back. They have been so wasted. Styles is safe. Balor….not so much.

  30. Not sure why anyone who can actually wrestle would want to play in the WWE, notorious for pushing no talent hacks, and making talented folks look like crap…

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