44 thoughts on “WWE prospects turn Jeddah, Saudi Arabia into suplex city”

  1. Know that's Suplex City not Like Brock Lesnar Suplex City you know what's the difference Brock does it backwards which is called German Suplex and that's a straight suplex

  2. What you need for a rookie is to teach basic skills rather than such a good-looking technique.(head lock,drop kick,and bump)
    So, there are many injured people at NXT.

  3. Before anyone says Saudi Arabia “not having women”, I’ll say this: There are women in Saudi Arabia, and maybe, they’re training off camera.

  4. jeddah gay Saudi spectators WWE what about naked men in saudi??? looking at naked male wrestlers ??? they cannot see woman wrestlers,.. but you know there are hidden homosexuals in Jeddah feasting their eyes on naked men,.. it is not fair!!! for the woman,..

  5. Anyone notice that the guy who leads the training is Matt Bloom aka Albert aka Tennsai is a Jewish wrestler and he trains Muslims people xD

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