WWE Stars ‘FURIOUS’ About Summerslam Match! Big Cass INJURED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

WWE Stars ‘FURIOUS’ About Summerslam Match! Big Cass INJURED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Big Cass Injured On WWE Raw
Enzo Amore promised his Brooklyn street fight with Big Cass would finally be the end to
their feud on last night’s Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, it came with an injury
to the 7 footer. Cass landed awkwardly on his left leg when
falling over the top rope to the outside. He was heavily favouring his knee when he
got back in the ring, and appeared to speak with the referee. But when he attempted his
Empire Elbow Drop, his left leg gave way and a medic ran to his side. The match was awarded
to Enzo because Cass could no longer compete. PWInsider were first to report the injury,
revealing the match was “legitimately stopped for medical reasons,” which WWE.com have
confirmed with a statement from ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson:
“It’s hard to tell what the extent of the injury is, but we’re going to send him
to get an MRI tomorrow and figure that out.” Cass was filmed leaving Raw on crutches.
There’s a rather unsafe, unwritten rule in wrestling that you finish your match no
matter what – a secret code that once led to Alberto Del Rio genuinely trying to beat
up the first Sin Cara, when the masked luchador tried to stop their match because of a broken
finger. It’s a rule that seems to be behind Enzo’s tweet following Cass’ injury, citing
his own experience with powering through: I looked down at my leg in the ring @wwenxt
& saw my Jordan backwards: #FACT.. I got 9 screws a plate & rod in my leg: DIDN’T QUIT
Just 10 minutes later, Enzo seemingly dropped the kayfabe and wished his former tag team
partner well: I HONESTLY hope u r ok 🙏🏼 @BigCassWWE
I ain’t 7ft but Im 2 big of a man 2 accept that
WWE Stars ‘Furious’ About Summerslam Match Also on Raw, John Cena made his first Monday
night appearance in over a year – meaning with both Cena and Roman Reigns on the same
show, Raw now has all the heat. It’s something Miz took umbrage with in
a trademark shoot-inspired promo, WWE management giving Reigns and Cena moment after moment,
where he has to fight constantly to be featured. He opened his promo with another line based
in reality, looking around at the Brooklyn audience and saying:
“So this is what a sold-out Barclays looks like. I wouldn’t know”.
Well, he actually mistakenly said ‘Bars Keys’, but the sentiment was still there.
It’s because the previous night at Summerslam, Miz wrestled with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel
against The Hardyz and Jason Jordan in the first match to an almost empty arena. According
to reports, WWE didn’t open most of the venue’s doors until after the kick-off show
had started at 5pm, and the six-man tag began at 5.30pm. Apparently security checks for
those entering the arena were “rigorous”, and the crowd was still filling up as the
first match was taking place. Bryan Alvarez has revealed on Wrestling Observer
Radio that “Miz and the guys in that first match were furious” because of hardly anyone
being there live to see their match. Summerslam 2017 Rating
Not many of you seemed to mind, though, as 53% voted Summerslam as a Cor show, with 28%
next up at AvRAWge. Only 7% agreed with me rating the pay-per-view Poor.
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  1. wait enzo broke his leg wrestling with wrestling boots not jordans thats the reason he wrestles with them so i heard

  2. How did so many viewers think this Summerslam was anywhere decent? TBH, I would've been completely disgusted if not for Braun's savagery saving the main event.

  3. I'm glad they're done with Brooklyn for a while. The idiots in that crowd made every show nearly unwatchable with their stupid shenanigans.

  4. can you please stop that man please. I just wanna hear you say give us a subscribe. (it's so soothing when I hear that)

  5. the guy in the front is so annoying sit down dude and does he go to brooklyn with one bayern Munich shirt lol 3 nights straight #sweaty.

  6. Big Cass' injury isn't comparable to Sin Cara's. Do you use your fingers to walk? Big Cass' built is heavy. So its not that easy.

  7. i really dont know why anyone watches wwe… its absolute garbage. You've all accepted trash as the norm. Raw… 3 hours of the same old shit every week. Week after week… lesnar comes for ppv then leaves for 3 months… guys a fuckin cheater in mma so he's lost the respect i had for him how will we ever know if he cheated to get the belt? he did it with mark hunt… hes just an arrogant rude fuck i think wwe should get rid of him and hire some new talent and better writers.

  8. yeah the rule also usually is that the OTHER WRESTLER does a roll up to end the match early for the safety of the injured wrestler

  9. The Miz is featured every fucking week. I hate seeing him. This "shoot" is tired and old and I'm sick of it. I'm over him. If he wants to walk around with 3 other people that's on him. I'm sick of his whining

  10. Summerslam was ass. Raw is ass. I'm sick of Reigns and Cena and fucking Randy orton and every other second/third generation star constantly being push because of who their daddy is. As poor as IMPACT is I'm going back to watching that. There's at least a small chance of some story telling and half interesting characters, and I won't have fucking "huggers" and "hustle, loyalty, respect" Rammed down my throat every Monday night. I'm 28, not 8!

    WWE – Done!

  11. its ok with big cass…cus the whole alberto del bitcho and sin cara bitcho at least big cass doesn't have a girlfriend sucking multiple dicks

  12. I don't understand Oli Davis. He thinks that SummerSlam was "poor", however he is watching New Japan shows that are most of the time 4 to 5 hours length…

  13. that shit was a work and if it wasn't I am so tired of Enzo why the fuck is he a wrestler anyway that guy really sucks and cant wrestle

  14. Hey, Oli Davies. I don't know if this is going to be answered, but I'm gonna ask this anyway. Now that KO lost to AJ Styles last night, he has no more chances on the US Title. But the question is, with Cena gone to RAW, KO have no more chances, WHO is going to battle with Styles for the title?

  15. It's been a year and I swear, Oli wears the same fucking shirts! And they aren't even wresting related!!!!! Fuck Oli

  16. At the moment only two things can save raw: either put the belt on samoa joe or break the hardys.

    I feel bad for the miz because he's such a charismatic and hard working champion that's on a ship being sank by roman and cena.

  17. Having trouble finding a wrestling news channel that isn't cringey. This guy is one of the worst for sure, though.

  18. Roman Reigns moves into the intercontinental title scene, a Triple Threat with Miz and Cena for the IC title at No Mercy or Survivor Series, Wins. The now IC champion joins forces once again with Ambrollins, to form the Shield.

    #RomanReigns #TheShield

  19. When you think wwe can't get any worse Vince quickly changes your mind with his shit ideas. That guy either has dimensia or he's the biggest troll that has ever lived.

  20. I mostly watched Summerslam for Nakamura, who I thought would win, but I guess WWE isn't done boring fans with juicer mahal, a shield reunion that didn't happen, and Styles/Owens putting on a classic. It was good to see Natalya finally win a big match, and Strowman stole the show.

  21. Follow the best wrestling group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/294258617412049/ The Last Man Standing Group for news updates and everything wrestling… We have WWE employees as our Admins so you know you will get the scoop first

  22. It was definitely a work cause right when Cass fell out Michael cole was like oh my god he looks like he's hurt. So acting. Work.

  23. The Hardy's and the Uso's are the best things in tag team wrestling and are must watch. Jeff is super charismatic and Matt his built a massive following. They need to be in the main card in extreme matches

  24. Fuckk u wwe . Jeff hardy need a solo run. He is a legend like brock lesnar . I will still watch wwe only 1 month if hardyz didnt split i will never watch it again

  25. Why is Miz talking about having the IC title multiple times??? The IC title is like the Mc Rib at McDonald's! If its there fine, if its not nobody gives a jack shit!

  26. Is Cass really 7 feet tall? Whenever Big Show (7ft tall) and Cass stand together in the ring, Cass looks noticebly smaller.

  27. But since Cass was slated to win he's not allowed to just finagle a win some other way even if without using his finisher?

  28. Fucking hell, it's like watching stop motion puppet acting out out a mind blowing aneurysm… Still, good information to listen to.

  29. WWE is wasting time by not giving the deserving one's their chance. Sami zayn deserves more then your big dog Vince, turn Roman heel or you gonna miss the chance to create another 'Rock'. Congratulations to MIZ for cutting a legendary promo…….

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