WWE SUMMERSLAM Main Event REVEALED!? RAW Star CALLS OUT Brock Lesnar! Battleground Match CANCELLED!

WWE SUMMERSLAM Main Event REVEALED!? RAW Star CALLS OUT Brock Lesnar! Battleground Match CANCELLED!

Hey guys Tom here today. We’re discussing some news for June the 10th 2017 Wwe great balls of fire was last night. What did you think of it? Did you think it was absolute fire or did you think it was absolute balls honestly? I really bloody enjoyed it I really enjoyed great balls of fire. I thought it was a very consistent show I enjoyed all of the matches apart from maybe big casts against enzo that was slightly boring But apart from that I thought it was fucking awesome for the first time in a while I enjoyed a roman reigns match really bloody enjoyed seeing brock lesnar back against the mojo that match was awesome Consistently a very very good show, but we’re looking forward to battlegrounds We’re looking forward to Summerslam and that is going to form the main basis of today’s video Let’s get into the news all right so as always comment your thoughts down below on the news and also let me know What you thought of great balls of fire comment your favorite Match down below? Why it was your favorite match and also try and give a rating of great balls of fire? I’ll read every comment See what you guys say, I’m gonna give great balls of fire a solid 8.5 out of 10 anyway What are we talking about today, so w/e summerslam? Main event possibly revealed from last night’s great balls of fire and some tweets and stuff like that They’ve gone on after also a roll star calls out brock E Brockie lesnar for his universal championship and as well as that a Battleground match has been cancelled for the smackdown live exclusive show coming up in two weeks Let’s have a talk about it alright So the Council’s match for battleground is Aj bloody styles against Kevin freak You know involves going on here now apparently the match has now been cancelled It’s been completely stripped from wwe.com there is no mention of this match, Aj Against Kevin Owens a battleground for the United States championship now This is probably because big news happened on Friday night at the Madison Square Garden Show Basically Aj styles beat Kevin owens for the universal championship on Friday at a house show at a wwe live event Well that doesn’t usually happen But anyway, we’ve got a new united States champion and ever since that happened the match listed for battleground has been canceled It’s been removed is nowhere to found however There’s a lot more deeper news to this because Dave meltzer has revealed that Kevin owens has actually been injured for a while And he’s been working through these injuries And that’s possibly the reason why Kevin owens dropped the belt on Friday and didn’t wait to drop the belt at Battleground so the news is That Kevin owens has dropped the belt because he’s injured and you might be going away for a while that Aj styles may be looking For a new opponent at battleground which isn’t Kevin owens now, Kevin owens has also changed his Twitter, bio He’s changes Twitter profile picture. It’s all gone black. He’s all gone a bit weird. It’s all gone Deleted sort of so he’s doing that we planning a special angle with Kevin Owens whilst there recovers from injury That’s what it looks like it’s going to happen so Kevin owens looks like he’s actually going to be away for a while Injured Aj sells the new United States champion who do you want interface at Battleground? If it isn’t going to be Kevin owned because it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anymore Alright, so we polly moving on so as though great balls of fire big cast actually did be ends I’m alright at the great balls of fire paid with you. I thought that was one of the worst matches on the show It wasn’t very good. It was more of a statement match rather than a good match It was one of those Matches which isn’t made to be good It’s made to make a statement and obviously big casts pretty much squashed down to Amore. So that was the story there I didn’t really enjoy it it made for a good match however. There was a statement made there clearly They’re building big castle for big things in the wwe clearly does have a big future however big cast did appear alongside Pete Rosenberg and renee young on the raw hulk after the show and big cass after Squashing ends were maury when to talk about brock lesnar on raw talk Brockie Brockie lesnar won’t be a tough test to go up against the beast but If there’s if there’s anybody out there that can do it I think it’s me and I think I can beat the beast I Think I could be the universal champion in fact I think I am the next universal champion Yeah That’s what he did so regarding his shorts and for the w naver’s or championship against brock lesnar kass said it would be tough However. He’s the one that can do it if anybody can stop him big cass can do it That’s what he said a rosholt big cass calling out the universal champion Colette’s the cast believes. He said this that he will be the next universal champion What do you think about that big cast calling out brock lesnar on raw talk just after? Brock Lesnar beat Samoa Joe in a shocked victory, what do you think about that? What do you think about big casts? Basically brock lesnar for the universal championship. I don’t think that’s going to happen at Summerslam however That’s a huge match which could be in line for the wwe universe and finally speculation on the main event for Summerslam 2017 is going to be bloody awesome people. Hopefully it’s not about five hours Like it was last year because that was an absolute drag however if these match does happen I don’t think it will be a drag so There’s been a lot of speculation in recent weeks It’s been going around in circles is it going to be lesnar against reigns the main event is it going to be braun against lesnar? Is you’re going to be seen or against reigns now that seen as a free agent What is going on people put out of last night it appears reigns VS. Brawn the feud between Roman and Braun Strowman is far from over Roman reigns possibly almost committing murder on Braun strowman, what is he doing? Oh my God that was amazing? That was a great segment and braun walks away. He’s pretty bloody pissed pretty bloody pissed at Roman reigns, but what’s going to happen well? Heyman after this happened and after his advocate brought lesnar beat samoa Joe Heyman tweeted out Want to know why at samoa Joe is not welcome in Samoan Dynasty He’s Heyman also referring to roman reigns in this tweet rather than just samoa Joe What’s all that hashtags Samoan dynasty? About and if lesnar and reigns are set to do battle at the next raw Pay-per-view it looks highly likely the braun strowman is going to be involved if Braun a roman reigns his feud is far from over is Paul Heyman secretly call running out Roman reigns on Twitter Who knows people could it be braun? Roman and brock in a triple threat match for the universal championship What do you think about that roman brock and Braun for the Summerslam main event could be? Caspo getting a universal championship against brock lesnar, and what do you think about a gm, Kevin owens? No longer happening at ground? Oh my days huge fallout from the great balls of fire Pay-per-view Thanks, watching guys comment your thoughts down below subscribe follow me on Twitter and also smash that like button take care spike your hair

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  1. #WWEGBOF 8.5 My favorite match was Roman Reings vs Braun Strownmaun IT WAS LIT THEY WERE TAKING A BLOODY PISS

  2. 1:55 aj Styles beat him for the United States champion not universal Champion but no worries everyone makes mistakes 🙂

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