WWE Worlds Collide Pre-Show: Jan. 25, 2020

WWE Worlds Collide Pre-Show: Jan. 25, 2020

77 thoughts on “WWE Worlds Collide Pre-Show: Jan. 25, 2020”

  1. I was expecting that song from smackdown vs raw think it was 2007 or 2004 where the singer says worlds collide🔥

  2. Watching Worlds Collide and it's BS they shortened the entrances to the Cruiserweight Title Match, a match that'll probably be the best match of the night. WWE Management = Trash

  3. What happens man what happens to the undertaker the sheild Sean Michaels what happens to degeneration x what happens to all these legends all these phenomenons I wish they never aged insted of these little phonies that can even do the job well Ric flair warrior andre all these apsolute legends stone cold 3:16, great Kali, me mc man, man kind Hitman , rob van dame , Goldberg jerico edge Kurt angle kane OG John Cena Eddie Guerrero big show buker T boogie man the rock I could go on and on 😔 I wish they all still fought insted of these idiots now don't get me wrong some WWE superstars are good broun strowman and that's it really but I wish bro I wish

  4. NXT UK will dominate make NXT look like a amateur and Imperium will destroy the overrated clowns known as The Undisputed Era

  5. Mia wouldve been won already she couldve been da uk champion too if she she pinned kay lee ray but kay lee ray had to cheat 🙄🙄

  6. Если есть тут кто нибудь из русских?

    Если да тогда подпишись на мой канал

  7. ki érdemelte a csaj a övet, hogy övé legyen 2másodjára és remekűl ki harcolta a saját övét gratulálok neki.

  8. My nxt 2020 predictions are :
    New nxt champion Ciampa
    New nxt women’s champion Bianca Belair
    New nxt tag team champions Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne
    New nxt North American champion Valentine Dream
    New nxt cruiser weight champion Angel 😇 Garza
    Still nxt uk 🇬🇧 champion WALTER
    New nxt uk 🇬🇧 women’s champion Toni Storm
    New nxt uk 🇬🇧 tag team champions mustache machines

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